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Title Loan Lenders Scholarship Offers

By sbanderas | March 13 2019
Categories: News

Title Loan Lenders Now Offer Scholarships to Students


It is a known fact that title loan lending companies are in the business of helping people who are in desperate need of financial assistance. Most people facing critical needs and that needs quick loans often turn to car title loan lenders for help.

The auto title loan companies allow you to pawn your car title for an instant loan. You approach the car title loan lender and fill up an application form. You will receive instant approval, and after providing the little title loan requirements, you will receive the cash you need based on how much your car or vehicle is worth.

Title Loan Scholarships

The nature of the economy in recent times has triggered a boom in the title loan business. According to the 2017 car title loan statistics, up to 2 million American citizens secured a title loan with car title as collateral.

A huge number, isn’t it? Well, this figure tells more about the fact that millions of folks see cash advance from title loan lenders as the solution to their financial troubles, especially people with bad credit.

But the truth is; car title loan companies are doing more than just offering emergency money loans to people in need of quick loans.


Title loan lenders have also extended their helping hands by running special scholarship programs. This scheme aims at supporting qualified and exceptional students with the needed resources.

The scholarship scheme is not just a way to give back to the society, but also a way to ease the possible financial burden that college funds could impose on parents.

So, not only can you get same-day loans from title loan lenders, but you can also get a scholarship grant through the scholarships offered by title loan companies, especially if you are a student who shares a similar passion on financial literacy at the community level.


Who is Qualified for the Title Loan Scholarship Program?

Title loan companies are downstream financial institutes, and title loan lenders are concerned about the financial buoyancy of individuals.

In line with the focus on people being financially literate, the scholarship scheme is for any student who shows like passion and interest. Not just in numbers, but also in the financial literacy of people in their community.

To qualify, you must be a registered undergraduate at an accredited university.

You will also be required to prepare an essay describing a platform, event or resource that promotes the marriage of financial literacy and technology. The essay should also point out how the idea would be beneficial to the community.

Auto title loan lenders are fully in the business of helping people: employed, unemployed or retired. And now, students can also benefit from the special scholarships offered by