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How to Refinance Car Title Loans

By Jenny Williee | March 13 2019

Car title loans are a great way to get the cash you need. If you have an emergency and you need to get cash really fast, then the fastest way is to get a car title loan from us.

Refinance Car Title LoansNow if you already have a car title loan from another lender and you want to get some more money or you would like a lower payment because the interest rate that you are paying is way too expensive, then we are the lender for you. We can get you much better terms than all of the other lenders and we can usually get you more money too if you want it.

We have helped thousands of people in California refinance their auto title loan to get a lower rate and we have saved them thousands of dollars.

So if you are with another car title loan company and you are not happy, We will be able to help you with a better auto title loan.

Refinancing your pink slip loan to a better rate is very easy. All you will have to do is to fill out the application or call us at 844 242 7467.

If you are looking to refinance your car title loan or even if you are looking to get a new title loan with us we will need the following items.

  • We will need to know the name and the number of your auto title loan company, so we can contact them and get the payoff from them. We will need to book out your car with the Kelly Blue Book to see if there is enough equity there or if we are going to just go to pay off your current title loan company and just get you the lower rate.
  • We will need to verify your insurance and then we will add our name to the policy.
  • We will need some information about your car. We will need photos of it and we will need to know the exact mileage too.
  • We will need to see your identification, a copy of your driver’s license will do.
  • If you are in a bankruptcy, we will not be able to get you your refinance car title loan.
  • The mileage on the car will determine the wholesale value. It will really depend on the year make and model if the miles will be too high for us to work with
  • When we run your credit with Experian, we are looking to see your payment history with your creditor. Your credit score will not decide if you get the approval or not. We work with people with bad credit all of the time.
  • As long as you have enough equity in the vehicle, we will be able to help you refinance your auto title loan
  • Your proof of income really becomes your credit with us. As long as you can show a minimum income of $ 1,200, you can qualify for our minimum pink slip loan of $2,500. With good proof of income, we will refinance you. Your job is your credit and the equity of your car.
  • We will accept other forms of income but we will need to see bank statements or even a letter from an employer if you are getting paid in cash.

 Understanding How To Refinance Your Car Title Loan

Having a car title loan means you are paying a higher interest rate than any traditional loan. When you have a pink slip loan, they are a fantastic way to get emergency money. They are not supposed to be a long-term solution but only a short-term answer.

Generally car title loans are considered high-risk loans. They are a high risk to us because we are lending to people with bad credit and we are getting you the money on the same day as the application is accepted.

We have to make sure that we are secure on the title loan. We need to make sure that our interest in the car is registered at the DMV as the new lien holder.

We also want to make sure that we get you in a car title loan that you will be able to afford to pay us back. Remember we only make money in the interest that we charge you.

So if you do not pay us and we end up having to repossess the vehicle, we will not make money on the vehicle. Our interest stops as soon as the vehicle is picked up.

So it is always better if you are having difficulties in making your monthly title loan payments, that we work with you. We want to keep you in the car, so we can make our money.

We also do not want you to lose your car.

We always do our best to help out all of our clients stay on top of their payments to us.

How fast can you refinance auto collateral or pink slip loan?

We are able to refinance your car title loan very quickly. As soon as we have the 10 days pay off from the other title loan company, we will be able to do your refinance. We will need to make sure that with their payoff, there is still enough equity in the car.

Your old title loan company will send us the pink slip and then we will go to the DMV and transfer our name on to the title.

We will also need to get the full documentation from you. We will need the application from you, we will need to run your credit, we will have to verify your income, we will need to verify your residence, we will need 5 personal references, we will need to see photos of the vehicle, to see the overall condition , we will need a photo of the mileage on the car and we will need your insurance information .

The sooner you get us all of the information, the sooner we can refinance you.

fast refinanceGetting the full documentation can be the thing that slows the refinance down.

Supplying us with all of the information will help us fund you and get you the better title loan that you deserve.

You will be able to go to one of our local offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego, Oxnard, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Jose, Hayward, and Sacramento.

We will make getting your car title loan refinanced really easy and fast. With plenty of local offices for you to choose from.

If you have any questions, then please call us at 844 242 7467 and we will be happy to help you. Or you can apply online and we will start your refinance application immediately.

With our experience, we will be the best title loan company for you. We have been helping people since 1994. We have refinanced many car title loans and saved our clients lots of money by doing switching to us.