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Pink Slip Loans in Los Angeles

By Daniel Joelson | April 12 2019

Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles? Well, here at Car Title Loans California we can help you get your pink slip loans Los Angeles. We are the best at helping you get your money as fast as possible. Using your pink slip to obtain money from your car is how we can help you.

Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles

When an emergency hits you, it is good to know that you can use your pink slip to get an emergency money loan. So the people of Los Angeles are looking for pink slip title loans, we can help them. Using your pink has never been easier, and you can get the emergency money loan today. We will use the equity that you have built up in your car. You will have to have equity for us to help you.

Pink Slip Loans in Los Angeles Meaning 

The term “pink slip” is the name people used instead of calling it the car title. All California titles used to be pink prior to 1988, so that is why people called them pink slips. So people used the term pink slip to refer to the certificate of title and people today still use the term, after all, f these years. You can look at Wikipedia. The term “race for pinks slips” and many illegal street races in the 1950s used the term and then Hollywood glorified the term in the movies so the term “pink slip” has remained.

It has been nearly forty years since California had pink slips as the title to the car, but people to this day are still using the term. When car title loans became popular the term “pink slip loan “ also started to get some use and people naturally knew that a pink slip loan was the same as a car title loan. This is what a pink slip looks like

So getting a pink slip loan to get the emergency money that you are looking for is a very fast way to get the money you need. We will get you the money the same day. So if you’re in a difficult spot and you have no one who can help you. You can use your asset that is your car and get a cash advance on your pink slip.

Applying With  Us

pink slip loans los angeles

When you apply for  Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles, we can offer you fast approval and get you more money than the other lenders.  We will get you a lower interest rate than the other lenders too.  We will have lowered your monthly payments too with our better interest rates. So if you are looking for an instant pink slip loan or wondering where you can get a pink slip loan then we are the best option for you.

We have locations all over California to make it so easy for you to get your loan. Do not forget we will get you more money; we will get it to you today and with lower payments. People always ask us “how much is my car worth for a pink slip title loan”? That is a great question but it really all depends on your car. We will have to book the car with Kelly Blue Book to find out the real value.

No Prepayment Penalties 

Plus we will offer you our pink slip no prepayment penalty option. So you can just pay us off at any time with no penalties. Our pink slip loan calculator will work out how much money we can get to you and what will be the best terms.

When you are looking for a lender, it is tough to choose between all of the lenders that are out there. You need to find the lender that is the best fit for you. Do you need to see where are they located? Can they give you your money today? How much are they giving you? How much are they charging?

What are the terms? Do they report to the credit bureaus? Do they have local offices? Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles?

People always Google “pink slip loans near me”, now we have multiple locations throughout California. We have location In San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Bakersfield, Fairfield, San Jose, Hayward (serving the East Bay and San Francisco) and Sacramento. So as you can see we have many locations for you to sign it. We want to make getting your pink slip loan as easy as possible.

What You Need To Get a Pink Slip Loan

First of all, you need to have the pink slip title to your car. Then we will need to have you fill out a full credit application. Once we have the full credit application we will run your credit and do a full credit check.

We will need to see photos of the car. Need photos of both sides of the front and both sides of the back of the car. Photos of the interior. To verify the true miles on the car we will need to have a photo of the odometer.

If there are any damages to the car, it is important to take photos of them. We will decide if there will need to be any reduction in the loan amount that we are giving you. It is important that we know the total condition of the car because we do not want to have any delays at the time of funding.

The satellite offices will do a physical inspection, so if there are damages, they will contact the Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles office to see what deductions need to be done. This will only delay the time it takes to fund the deal.


We will see if there are any fees due at the DMV, transfers, parking tickets or registration fees that the DMV are asking for. We will be able to take care of all of the DMV paperwork but if there is a smog check that is due, we will not be able to do that, you will have to take care of the smog. If there are fees then we will have to pay them for the pink slip loan. We will do all of the DMV work for you.

We will need to check on your insurance to make sure it is up to date and then add our name to the policy as the loss payee. If you are in an accident or the car is stolen, then with your insurance they will pay us off and you will not have the financial obligation to repay us because of your insurance. So it is very important that you maintain your insurance at all time during this loan. It will protect you and it will protect us.

Verify Monthly Income

It is very important that we verify your monthly income.  Your bank statement or your paycheck stubs will work. We need to make sure that you make enough money to support your pink slip loan. Lend you the most amount of money but you have to be able to support the loan. Don’t lose your car because you could not afford your pink slip loan that would not help either one of us.

We want to make sure that we are lending responsibly. That our clients are comfortable in their title loan. Helping you in this time of need for emergency cash. We want to be your emergency money lender. So if you have a good experience with us, you will refer people to us when they need cash.

Building trust within our community is what we do, but we can only do that by being there for our clients and helping them in their time of need. We will have to also see your proof of residence. A utility bill, lease agreement or mortgage statement will all work. We want to lend to people that are established.

When we are approving you, it is important to us that you are stable. The time that you have spent at your job and the time you have lived at your residence are big deciding factors for us to approve your Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles!

Refinance Pink Slip Title Loans.

If you have a pink slip title loan with any other lender, you can always contact us to see if we can refinance it. We refinance many pink slip loans from other lenders. We are able to get you lower payments with us. And we will do our best to see if we can get you more money for your refinance pink slip loan.

So there are many reasons to get a pink slip loan from us. The best reasons are that we can get you more money on your title than the other lenders. We will get you lower payments on your pink slip loan. You are able to pay off the pink slip loan at any time without a prepayment penalty. As easy as we make it for you to get your money, we try to make it as easy to pay off the account.


There are tips to help you pay off early or help to reduce your interest payments. You must always pay on time but if you can pay a few days earlier, that will help too. If you can pay a little extra every month, again this will reduce your principal balance and help you pay lower interest as slip title loans

Or you could just pay your payments ahead and make an extra payment per year. You will also be able to rebuild your credit with us if you do not have good credit. So when you make your payments on time, not only are you reducing your principal balance, you will be re-establishing your credit with the credit bureaus.

We report your payments to the credit bureaus, so you can start to build your credit back up. Contact us today and see if you can get the emergency money for your pink slip and we will become your title loan lender. We can get you more money, less interest, lower payments and help you re-establish your credit score.

Let’s see if can help you get the title loan that fits best for you. Our title loan experience will help and get the best title loan.