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Car Title Loans Montebello California

By Jenny Williee | January 2 2020
Categories: Auto Title Loans

Pink slip loans Montebello has helped many people get the fast money that they needed. We can help you use your car’s equity to get a fast car title loan Montebello today. Do not worry if you have bad credit, your car is your credit with us. All you have to do is fill out our online car title loans Montebello application and we can get you started.


Even though you have a job, one cannot be ascertained that his paycheck will be able to cater to all needs all the time. Sometimes, you may be stranded, and you might need urgent cash. Amid this situation, family and friends may not be able to be of help. For instance, when you need urgent cash to settle emergency matters such as mortgage payment, unexpected medical bills, unplanned but important trips, tuition fees, capital for small business, or you just need urgent cash.

You might need to look around for a way out. It’s possible to feel relax when you have credit scores good enough to get you a loan in the bank but when you think of the time and process involved, you might be discouraged as this will not in any way meet your urgent need. Other financial industries like Payday loans and conventional moneylenders will demand collateral that worth 10 times in value when compared to the amount you want to borrow from them.

So, what do you do? Well, it is simple, if you are seeking for a loan that can meet your emergency need without hassle, consider pink slip loans Montebello. It is also called car title loan, an auto title loan, auto pawn loan, cash for a car loan or u-drive loan. Are you familiar with this type of loan? Are you wondering how it works? Well, if you are new to this type of loan, let me put myself in your position, few questions that will run through my mind right now are what is this loan how all about?

What will the loan require if I am to get it? How much can I get through this loan? Won’t I be affected by my credit score? Let me provide the answers to all my imagined questions and other questions that might be running in your mind as you read.


A pink slip loan is what I call a companion loan in an emergency that requires urgent cash. Pink slip loans Montebello offers you cash against the title of your car, this implies that you drop the pink slip of your car as collateral for the loan but will be returned to you once you repaid the loan.


If you have you are in an emergency that needs urgent cash and you own a car, you are a step closer to a solution to your problem. Pink slip loans Montebello is the perfect solution amid the emergency. Just as banks and other traditional lenders, require collateral before they can borrow you a loan, so does a pink slip loan. To obtain a pink slip loan, all you need is to submit your vehicle title and few accessible documents, majorly your identity.

This type of loan is a secured loan as the title of your vehicle will serve as collateral for the loan. The lender will be placed a lien on the title of your vehicle but will be removed and returned to you after the completion of your loan repayment. During the loan period, the car will remain in your care and you are free to use it daily without any restriction. On the off chance that you are unable to pay back the loan as stated in the loan term, the lender is permitted by law to keep ownership of the car and may decide to sell the car since it’s the only way to recoup his/her money.

You are permitted to utilize different types of vehicles to get loans. The amount you can get depends on the resale value of cars used as collateral. The more the worth of the car, the more you can get when you use it as collateral. However, you are not expected to get the full value of the car as the company will also make it easy on themselves to recover their cash should you default, so they will only lend you what they can easily get from selling your vehicle.

In most cases, most companies will value the car and lend you between 40 to 90 percent of the car value, they may likewise require the installation of security devices like GPS trackers on the car that will guaranty that they still have access to the car even while you have it.


There are various ways to benefit from using pink slip loans Montebello especially when you get it from a reliable company.  Few of these benefits include:

    When you have a bad credit score, you will still be able to secure a pink slip loan

    Your car will still be in your possession, even though you’ve used it as collateral

    The processing of a pink slip loan is faster than any type of loan you can think of. You can be approved within 15minutes, and you can get the loan the same day you applied.

    A high amount of money ranging from $2,000 to $50,000 depending on how much the lending company car offer you base on the value of your car.

    If you are bankrupt or have a foreclosure, you can still qualify for the loan as long as the title of your car is clear.

    Free quote and no prepayment penalty.

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To obtain pink slip loans Montebello, the requirement varies from lender to lender but are generally accessible compared to the requirements request by banks and other financial institutions. The general requirements include:

The Vehicle

This is the first important thing, the vehicle along with its equity will be assessed by our expert staff to determine how much you qualified for. The resale value of your car will determine how much you can get from us. However, you won’t need to park your car with us. Once we’ve determined the amount you qualify for, you can drive away your car.

Vehicle Title

The car must be registered in your name, and the title must indicate that the car is registered in Montebello. The car must be paid off and without liens on it.

Identity Card

You must come with a government-issued identity card, driver’s license and passport are perfect examples. Note, the identity card must be valid and you must be at least 18 years of age.

Residential Proof

Your address will be required in the process as this will prove that you are a resident of Montebello. A perfect example to back up your address is the utility bills contain your address. Electric bills and cable bills are a perfect example.

Proof of Auto Insurance

Since car title loan permitted you to drive your car during the loan period, the lender needs to be sure that the vehicle you are using as collateral is insured. This will limit the lender risk, should anything happen to the car during the loan period. 

Proof of Income

This will help the lender in determining how much you qualify for. Also, it will help the lender to schedule a favorable repayment plan for you.

Majority of the documents are probably what you have already as a vehicle owner, occasionally, the lender might request that you provide a couple of references

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The amount you can borrow through pink slip loans Montebello depends on the value of your vehicle and its equity as well as the term and policies of the lender. For instance, we can offer a loan range from $2,500 to $50,000. This permits you to borrow any amount as long as it is within the range the value of your car can cover.


Pink slip loans Montebello offers you money against your car title not your credit score so if you have a poor or no credit, you won’t be disqualified as long as you have a car with a clear title that is qualified to serve as collateral for the loan.


The payment terms of the loan depend on the company policy. Generally, pink slip loans Montebello are short-term loans and usually last for 30 days. However, few companies offer a long-term loan and repayment can be worked out to allow for several months or even years.


Unlike traditional loans where you submit your vehicle when used as collateral. Pink slip loans Montebello does not require submission of your vehicle. All you need to drop with the lender is the pink slip (title) of your vehicle. So, you are permitted to drive your vehicle during the loan period.


When you search the web for pink slip loans Montebello, you will discover a lot of companies offer pink slip loans but it is important to get it from the most reputable company. We are a top-notch money lending company that has been in existence for more than two decades, we are well-known for helping people during their tough financial time through our pink slip loans program.

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Many companies offer the same service but we are one of the most reputable lenders who give customers the best treat in Montebello and the whole of California. We are known for our good rates, fast approval process, flexible and long-term repayment plans. We provide a simple application process, more money, unbeatable terms, and awesome customer service.

We are rated #1 in the loan industry by the residents of California not by our years of existence but by our unbeatable service and the risk we always take to make our customers happy, unlike other company who offer 40-50 percent of the wholesale value of your car, we will offer you up to 85% of your car wholesale value. Compare to other companies, we will offer you a high amount, up to $50,000 depending on the value of your car, this is rare to come across.

Our loan term is flexible with an elongated repayment period between 24 to 48 months, as opposed to the 30 days offered by many companies which put the borrower at the risk of losing their car. We offer car title loans in Montebello that enable you to keep your car, get the cash you need, and pay us back per the repayment plan. The whole application process is very simple such that you can have access to the cash you need with our auto equity loans Montebello loan within a couple of minutes without the stress of signing dozens of papers.

 We know the importance of letting you understand the details behind the loan before your signing, your role as a borrower and ours as the lender is what we always explained in details before you sign a loan deal with us. We always provide a drafted agreement which entails the full terms of the loan such as the interest rate, repayment term, and consequences should you default. Our staff are well trained and always ready to help you at every step of the loan! Learn more at