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Pink Slip Cash Advance in Long Beach

By Jenny Williee | June 7 2019

For people living in Long Beach, getting a loan has never been this easy and straightforward. Car Title Loans California offers you a great opportunity to get access to pink slip cash advance in Long Beach of at least $2,510 without a fuss.

We understand that most times, the needs of individuals may become so critical that the need for urgent cash becomes imminent. We are the best pink slip loan lender in California, and we are at your service to assist you to come out strong from any financial challenges that you are currently facing.

When you need cash quickly, turning to friends and family for financial assistance might be a little dicey. They may not have enough cash to support you, or worst case scenario, asking them for financial assistance might just be embarrassing for you.


Traditional Lenders

Approaching a traditional financial lending institute might also not be a very helpful option, especially if your credit is not so great. When all other options of getting fast cash advance are not available, then you should consider getting a pink slip cash advance in Long Beach on your car.

The pink slip (or car title) is a legal document that tells anybody who the actual owner of a car is. A pink slip loan is a form of a loan that is structured such that the collateral which secures the loan is your pink slip or car title.

Pink slip cash advance in Long Beach go by different names, like; car title loans, auto title loans, title pawn collateral loans, auto equity loans, or simply title loans for short. Car Title Loans California stands out as the top car title loan lender in Long Beach, California.


We Have Been Providing Since 1994

There are other title loan lenders around, but getting a Long Beach pink slip cash advance with us exposes you to more advantages and benefits. With over 20 years’ experience in providing quick funding services to American citizens especially in California, your plans and desire to settle any emergency need with a cash emergency loan in Long Beach are in good hands.

Delay no further. Approach us today. Contact us by phone on our toll-free line 844 242 7467 or reach us online by visiting our website. You can also get a pink slip cash advance in Long Beach near you to enjoy a satisfactory title loan experience.  we offer you more money than any other car title loan company around Long Beach, California.

What Do I need to get a Long Beach Pink Slip Loan?

A fast way you can lay hands on quick cash to take care of any financial emergency is through a pink slip loan.  The speed at which you can get this loan is one great benefit of getting this cash advance. So are you in Long Beach? Do you need quick cash in your pocket now? Then you should get a Long Beach pink slip loan.

A car or vehicle of your own is enough to qualify you for a car title loan. The registered car title or pink slip of your car or vehicle is what you will tender when you apply for an auto title loan in Long Beach. Even if you own a truck, recreational van, or motorcycle, the Long Beach pink slip loan covers all kinds of automobiles.

To get a pink slip cash advance in Long Beach, first, you need to do a proper title loan application. After applying, you will need to provide the following stipulations;

  • Your car for inspection. Here, we check the resale value of your automobile on the Kelley Blue Book. Since we will be giving you a percentage of your car’s worth as cash advance, it is important we determine the exact current value of your car.

If a physical inspection is not achievable, you may be required to provide photos of your car or vehicle. The picture should capture the interior, exterior and the mileage on the car or vehicle. Even if the car is unavailable as at when we need it, we will always proffer a way around the situation for your convenience.

  • Your bio-data. Of course, we will need your name, residential address, phone number, and some other personal details. This information is essential for our customer database.
  • Confirmation of where you are currently living. We want to be sure that you are actually resident in Long Beach, California. A utility bill, lease agreement or a bank pay stud can serve this purpose.
  • Anything to show us how much you are earning. You need to confirm your buoyancy to keep up with the payments. It is also our way of ensuring that you are not stressed up while repaying your loan.
  • We may also require that you show us your insurance documents. This is a form of security against any unforeseen occurrences like damages of accidents.
  • Citations from at least 3 relatives and 2 professionals. Provide us with their personal details, and these references must have an income of at least $1,200 monthly.


How Much Money Can I Get from a Pink Slip Loan in Long Beach?

The faster you can provide the needed stipulations, the faster you can get your pink slip loan application approved. Usually, it takes a couple of hours at most, nevertheless, you are sure to get your loan approval and cash in your hands within two working days. The minimum cash sum you can get a Long Beach pink slip loan is $2,510.

When we begin to process your loan application, we will do some checks along sides the inspection. Though you can get a pink slip loan with no credit checks, we, however, do credit checks. We check your credit using Experian. Though this check is not a yardstick to getting loan approval, it is our way of checking your repayment strength.


Paying Off The Loan

Fast Money for Motorcycle Title LoansWe want you to get access to the pink slip cash advance in Long Beach, but your ability to pay off the loan is more important to us. We will also check your employment status or your business if you own one.

Since your earnings every month is a vital element in your capacity to repay, we check and confirm that you have at least $1,200 earnings every month. We just want to see that your means of income can support the payments.


The Value Of Your Car

The inspection process involves examining the worth of your car by running the car through the Kelley Blue Book. We determine your car’s worth to get its resale value. From the resale value, we can then allow you to borrow a certain percentage of your car’s worth. With Car Title Loans California, you can receive up to $50,000 depending on the worth of your car or vehicle.

Your ability to repay the loan is always a huge factor in our title loan approval process. But when your car or vehicle does not have a high Kelley Blue Book value, then your ability to repay the loan suddenly becomes the only factor that matters. We are offering our services to assist you to get the emergency loan that you need with the best car title loans in Long Beach, California.

One thing we can assure you is that we will offer you more money in the cash advance than any other auto title lending organization in Long Beach. Simply walk up to any of our Long Beach title loan offices set up an appointment. Once you file your application, it only takes a few minutes or about a day to get your application approved and receive the pink slip cash advance in Long Beach.


What About My Credit Score?

A secured loan is principally an asset-based cash advance. A pink slip cash advance in Long Beach is a kind secured loan where your pink slip is the collateral against the dollar amount you are borrowing, and the asset involved in the transaction is your car or vehicle.

On like typical lenders like banks and other financial corporative, your credit score plays a huge part in your loan approval. with a bank or credit union, if you have an unimpressive credit history or low credit score, you’ve got a problem.

For example, before you are eligible for a personal loan from a typical bank, then your credit must be perfect or at least, good enough. Furthermore, your credit score also influences the interest rate you will get.


Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)

Your credit score, a 3-digit number is what shows your competency as a borrower, and it is determined by your credit history. Usually, credit corporative use the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) scoring system to evaluate your eligibility for a personal loan or any other form of a cash advance. If your credit score is high, say about 650 to 700 or more, then you stand a better chance of getting loan approval.

It is quite different from a pink slip loan. A Long Beach pink slip cash advance with Car Title Loans California does not pay much attention to the state of your credit, though we check it to know how trustworthy you can be in repayment. In fact, pink slip loans were designed for individuals whose credits are not so good, but who need access to quick funds.

Your credit score might be as low as 300 and you could still qualify for a cash advance in Long Beach using your pink slip as collateral. With your pink slip in hand and your car or vehicle available, your credit score has no impact on your chances of getting a title loan.


Will I Also Submit my Car to Receive a Pink Slip Cash Advance in Long Beach?

Car title loans are collateral loans, nut the collateral you surrender is your pink slip or car title. When you apply for an auto identity loan, you are simply declaring your interest to surrender your car title in exchange for a certain dollar amount.

Though pink slip loans are secured with your pink slip, you do not surrender your car or vehicle to the lender. And this is the beauty of getting a loan on your pink slip.

  • You get your loan application approved,
  • You receive the loan cash, and
  • You still keep possession of your car.

The only condition where the possibility of losing your car exists is when you do not comply with the payment plan agreement. This is cause repossession.


Are There Any Risks involved?

Just any decision we make in life, there are pros and cons, and a pink slip loan is not an exemption.  Pink slip loans are short-term loans with high-interest rates. A lot of people argue that this kind of cash advance is very risky, but at a closer look, the benefits outweigh the risks and disadvantages.

The only risk involved with a car title cash advance is the possibility of default in payments. That is, when you fail to maintain scheduled payments as stated in the contract terms, you could lose your car through repossession. If your car gets repossessed, you may even end up in the worst situation that you began with in the first place.


Online Car Title Loans

The good news is, Car Title Loans California, the best online car title loan lender in Long Beach and other locations within California will always assist and work with you to ensure that it does not get to the repossession stage.

With us, repossession is not an option because the risks involved have been drastically reduced to the barest minimal by our efficient policies. You can get a title loan in Long Beach.


Tips You Should Consider to Get the Best Out of a Long Beach Auto Title Loan

  1. Ensure the information and details you are providing are authentic and verifiable
  2. Provide a car, vehicle, motorcycle or any automobile that is in good working condition
  3. Try to provide any stipulation that we request from you as fast as you can. The quicker you provide the requirements, the faster your loan approval.
  4. The lower the mileage on your car, the more money you might qualify
  5. Do not delay to approach us if you are facing any difficulty with paying off the loan. We prefer coming up with ways to assist you rather than impound your car or vehicle.
  6. If you can provide a functioning business of your own in addition to your income, the higher the dollar amount you can borrow, and the easier the approval process.
  7. If your credit score happens to be higher, then you have more negotiation power regarding the terms of the contract, in your favor.