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Car Title Loans Orange County

A car title loan is one great way you can get fast cash to take care of any pressing need. By just giving up the title or pink slip of your car or vehicle, you can quickly receive the cash you need.

And it is our responsibility to quickly get you the funds that you need and also give you with the best title loan program in orange county for your maximum satisfaction. 


Why we remain the No. 1 title loan agency in California is not just because it is our goal to help you get a car title loan quickly when times go tough, but that we protect your comfort and convenience while playing by the legal books.

To efficiently bring this amazing title loan process to your door step, we have one of our locations in Orange County for you to easily access and receive the urgent cash assistance money.


If you have some unpaid bills piling up, pending rents to pay, assets to maintain, money for tuition fees, even money to cover expenses for any trip, and you are low on cash, an autotitle loan can properly service those needs.

So if you live in Orange County and you need quick cash to settle some urgent needs as fast as possible, then you need to get the best auto title loan in Orange County. Provided you own a car, with the car title in your name, you can get a title loan in Orange County.

Orange County car title loans stand out as the best funding option out there amongst all other financing options you can find.


Get an Orange County Title Loan with Car Title Loans California

Getting money fast is easy with Car Title Loans California. Even if your credit happens to be bad, we can still help you. Apply today by completing our online form or by calling our tool-free line 1-844-242-7467 for a more personal guidance.

In your quest to get a car title loan to take care of urgent expenditures, you need to be certain that the lender you want to choose can give you the money fast. If it’s not an easy instant title loan, then it’s not what you need.

Having established our self’s as the best car title lender in Orange County, we are confident that we will be able to help you. Do you own a qualifying car with a free and clear title in your name? If so, Car Title Loans California could provide you with auto title loans in Orange County at highly competitive rates. In fact, we will beat anyone’s car title loan rate. We will also try and give the max amount on your title.

As the premier title loan lender in California, Car Title Loans California has provided countless customers with auto title loans and even auto equity loans in Orange County and beyond.

Our title loan application is absolutely free. And when you qualify, you receive your funds in one business day upon approval. And based on how much equity you have in your car and your ability to keep up with the regular monthly payment plan, you could receive a title loan between $2,050 and $50,000.

We know that when an emergency suddenly hits you, you have to react fast. We are here to help you get your emergency loan today. Apply to Car Title Loans California for a title loan in Orange County now!

A title loan in Orange County could get you the money you need, as well as a number of additional benefits. Remember with us you will get;

  • More money,
  • Lower interest,
  • Lower monthly payments,
  • No prepayment penalties, and
  • The best customer service.

Your monthly earnings tell us your financial backup strength and the strength of your pay back means. We assess your income to approve a dollar amount for you that will not over-stretch your income source.

When you qualify and agree to the terms of the title loan, you will then go to our local Orange County office to get your money; either as physical cash, direct fund transfer to your personal bank account, or as cheque.

car title loans orange countyOnce you get to our Orange County office, we will carry out a physical inspection of your car or vehicle. We may also take photos and verify that there is no damage to the car. We will also check your car’s odometer to know how much mileage it has on it.

Car Title Loans California becomes a temporary lien holder on your car’s title until you pay off your title loan. You continue to have full use of the car, and can drive it as you normally would while making regular monthly payments. Once your title loan has been repaid in full, your title is returned to you in the mail and the lien is lifted.

And because Car Title Loans California doesn’t penalize customers for completely paying off their loans earlier, you are welcome to repay your title loan as quickly as you like once you feel the cash is available and enough.

We make getting a title loan easy and we also try to make paying off the title loan just as easy too. Contact us today and enjoy the satisfactory customer service we offer – same reason why hundreds of Orange County citizens have chosen us to get them financed.


What is a Loan? – What is a Title Loan?

The concept of loan according to Merriam Webster is “an amount of money that is given to someone for a period of time with a promise to that it will be paid back”. It is usually accompanied by some interest, at a set rate, to be paid at a specific time in the future, as agreed by the borrower.

Usually a leverage (that is something valuable pledged in exchange for the received loans as security) is committed to the creditor, temporarily till the agreed amount is paid back.

title loans orange county There are several loan types and going into all their details right now will be a long discussion for some other time. But in a nutshell, there are open-ended loans and close-ended loans, secured loans and unsecured loans. And within the spectrum of closed-ended loans and secured loans is the car title loan. Isn’t that awesome?

A title loans is a short-term cash advance option which gives you access to cash funding from a lending company or firm. And in exchange, you temporarily offer the title of your asset as collateral. It may interest you to know that the most popular and common form of title loan is the auto title loans or the car title loans. And you can easily get one here in Orange County, California.


Our Title Loan Services

At Car Title California, our only interest is to make sure that you not only get the cash you need ASAP, but you also retain your car. So basically, we assist you find a way to build emergency relief fund scheme to help you in times of financial crisis.

title loans orange county low interest rateWe accept more cars and years than any other title lender near you. We can also get you an auto identity loan at a lower rate which will give you a lesser monthly payment than what the other title lenders have to offer. And most importantly, paying off your title loan is comfortable and convenient when you apply at Car Title Loans California.

So if you are in Orange County, and you are in need of a car title loan to help you quick cash advance, then come to Car Title Loans California for all of your emergency money needs. Applying to us is easy and simple.


Car Title Loans California – How our Title Loans Work

A title loan in Orange County allows you to use your car’s equity value in exchange for funding. First of all, you need to have a car that will qualify so that we can proceed with the application.

Auto title loans come in various forms, and any form of automobile can get you a title loan with us. An auto equity loan is also another form that a car title cash advance can take. The way a title loan works in Orange County is quite similar to the way it works anywhere else, but a bit optimized to serve you more efficiently.

Even during your search online for car title loans online, you should also know that we have local offices nearby for you to get your title loan instantly – not more than 24 hours. We also do our best to ensure that you receive the maximum dollar amount on your title.

Title loans are generally quick loans, with high-interest rates. Other traditional means of getting loans may offer lower rates, but the process to get the loan is always unbearable. And most times, you may end up getting your loan application denied, especially if your credit score is poor.

You need your car to access a title pawn cash advance, and the working condition of your car or van is a vital factor that will determine how much loan amount you will get from us. That means that once you own a car that is in sound condition(roadworthiness), you are eligible to access an auto title cash advance.


Can I Get a Title Loan with Bad Credit?

Some folks are perplexed about one common question regarding a cash advance using their pink slip. Is it really possible to get a loan even with bad credit?

Well, here are two major reasons why your credit is not a mandatory requirement to getting a car title cash advance;

  1. Your car or vehicle stands as a guarantee against the loan, with its title acting as collateral to secure the loan. For an unsecured loan, which needs no collateral, too much risk is involved. and with a poor credit inclusive, denial is inevitable.But it’s easier to obtain a secured loan since you are using something valuable as collateral - a guarantee that offers less risk to the lender. Plus, the interest rate will be lower than the loan without collateral.
  2. Getting an auto title loan approval does not take your credit history into consideration that much since it only represents the past. And the way a title loan works, your past is irrelevant. The past is not always indicative of what is and what will be.


Rather, only your current situation is what matters. Car We pay more attention to your current monthly income. This is because, it is the best indicator that tells us if you can afford the cost of the loan as well as responsibly make payments.


Apply for a Car Title Loan with Car Title Loans California

The first step to getting an Orange County title loan with Car Title Loans California. The next thing we will need to get your application going is for you to fill out our credit application.

We will have to run your credit through Experian to evaluate the amount of your income. If you do not make enough to qualify for the title loan we will ask you to get a co-signer to help you qualify.


EZ Online Title Loan Application and Requirements

If you are applying online, we will need to see photos of the vehicle and the odometer reading to verify the actual mileage on your car.We will ask for your proof of residence and five personal references.

Fill out our online application to get approved for a car title loan within minutes. After approval, your money can be ready for pickup at our Orange Countylocation near you so you can conveniently receive your money within just a couple of hours.


Our Orange County Location

Our title loan locations in Orange County makes it easier for you to pick up a check once you’ve been approved for a title loan. We recommend that you speak with one of our experienced representative to know which location is closest to you. You can call us at: 1-844-242-7467.

Most individuals have a car to their name. This car could just be their ticket to quick cash when the need arises. Therefore, a loan, using your car title, is a good choice when you need to use some collateral to get a loan approval where conventional lenders deny your request.

Don’t forget that with auto title loans, bad credit is not a challenge.


Title Loans Inspection Requirement in Orange County

In addition to the stipulations mentioned earlier, there is also a need for inspection of your car. Once you approach us at our location in Orange County, we will send out one of our loan officers to do a physical inspection of your car.

If you apply online, you would be required to send us photos of your car. However, this does not rule out the need for a physical car inspection before you get funded. Our representatives may also take new pictures of your car as well.

The reason why this inspection is required is that; in case there are any dents, scratches or any form of damage to your car, then our underwriters will consider them as they do a proper assessment of your car to determine how much you can access. This evaluation could also be the basis for readjustment of the loan amount that you can access in a vehicle title loan.


Title Loans in Orange County Approvals (easy process)

When you come to us for a car title cash advance, we do our best to see that you get approved and receive your cash. Upon approval, we will evaluate your car’s value onKelly Blue Book to determine its value.

We work with all makes and models of cars, irrespective of how old they are, and you could get up to 85% of its Kelly Blue Book’s value.

Car Title Loans California offers two easy ways to apply and get an auto title loan approval in Orange County. The process starts by:

  • Completing the information request form on our secure website or doing a normal physical application when you come to any of our Orange County locations

You could be approved the same day as you apply, depending on how fast you can provide our simple stipulations.

What then are you waiting for? By applying to Car Title Loans California for a car title loan, you would experience the many benefits of car title loans in Orange County.

  • Do a credit application. This is where we do a brief credit check on you, verify your income, verify your residence, check your insurance, run your car through DMV for verification, ask for your references, as well as photos of your car and the odometer reading, showing the miles. We will also need your permission to run your credit as well.


Benefits of Orange County Auto Title Loans

Being financially strapped is a terrible feeling. You need a lender that is quick to assist you and offers options to pay your loan. Car Title Loans California has been providing Orange County with car title loans for over twenty years.

We have the experience and knowledge to get you the emergency funding that you are looking for, plus, we can also get you the money that very same day. Not all title lenders can get you the money the same day, but we are able to fund you because we have many local offices all over the state of California.

On like payday lenders that advance funds based on your paycheck but often expect the loan to be repaid by the next pay period with interest, Auto title loans usually allow borrowers from 12 to 48 months to pay.

You retain possession of your car or vehicle while you make monthly payments of your auto title loan. During the period of the auto title loan as in the agreement, we will withhold your car’s title as collateral. Once your loan is paid in full, you will collect back the title from us.

title loans benefits

Auto title loans in Orange County may be the ideal solution to your financial dilemma. Think about it.Title loans may not be your long term solution, but it is the fastest way to get the cash that you need within a day.

As auto title loans are expensive, it may not the ideal loan to get but it will resolve the emergency need for cash today. That’s why you need to have an exit plan on how you are going to pay off the loan from the onset.

Are you struggling with a short-term money crunch? If you are an Orange County resident and you feel trapped by financial troubles, Car Title Loans California could help you obtain an auto title loan in Orange County. We remain the best title loan lender you can find.

Car Title Loans California has helped people obtain auto title loans since 1994. We hereby invite Orange County residents to apply for auto title loans that does not rely as heavily on credit scores as with traditional bank loans. For those who have difficulty receiving financing from a bank, an auto title loan may better suit your needs.

Find out how simple it is to apply by approaching us today. You are free to choose one of two ways to apply. You are not under any obligation to proceed with the whole process, but if the need is urgent and you need quick financial assistance, then an auto title loan in Orange County may be a smart option for you as a borrower.