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How To Get Fast Cash With A Car Title Loan

By admin | May 15 2018
Categories: Car Title Loans

Who Needs Car Title Loan?  

Most people deal with serious issues and emergencies every day. They suddenly find themselves in this problem but they don’t have the resources to overcome it. One of the best ways to find solution to your problems is through car title loans. So, who needs this kind of loan and what are the ways you can go about ensuring that you can get this cash? 

If you find yourself in a medical emergency and you don’t have the cash to deal with it then, car title loan is for you. You don’t even have to leave the medical facility, you can do all the registrations online and you will get the money straight into your account. Mortgage payment is another problem a lot of people face and the issue is getting worse these days. If your mortgage is due and you don’t have cash, you can apply for car title loan, pay the mortgage, and save yourself from trouble. Education is very important and it makes plenty of sense to send your kids to college. But sometimes, you don’t have the cash to pay fees and you feel stranded. You can get instant can by applying for car title loan and use the money to settle college education fees. 

There are so many other things that are urgent that you may need money for including:

  • Fixing your car
  • Expanding your business
  • Starting a new business
  • Fixing your roof
  • Buying a new equipment 
  • Hiring additional staff, etc. 

All of these are situations you may need cash for and a car title loan will be your best option. At Car Title Loans California, we provide our customers with the right information to get the money they need for any emergencies. How to get fast cash with car title loan will not be an issue anymore because we ensure that you get the best service that will make you happy. 

Why Is Car Title Loan Better Than Alternatives During Emergencies? 

Yes, there are other ways to get fast  cash when you’re in an emergency, but are they worth it? Do you stand a better chance with car title loans than all of these other alternatives? Let’s examine some of them critically and see. 

Banks – If you’re going to borrow money from banks that is fine. However, do you think you have all the resources you need to be successful? Do you have a collateral to back up your application? Banks will ask for collateral and in addition, make you complete dozens of documents that will give you a permanent headache. But car title loans are not like that. You don’t need collateral and any document you’re completing won’t take you more than 10 minutes or so. 

Friends And Family – You also have the opportunity to call a friend or family member, like your brother, sister, co-worker, or even your parents to borrow you some money. You may get the money, you may not. What if you’re unable to pay back the money? Your relationship with this people will be in jeopardy and that is not good for you at all. With car title loans you don’t have to worry about these things. You can always get the money you want without any family members knowing about it. 

Right now, what you should be looking out for is how to get speedy cash with car title loan. This way, you won’t have to worry about long hours of staying in the bank or how your dad will feel if you don’t return the money he lends you. At Car Title Loans California, we offer a robust car title loan package to help anyone in need find cash very quickly and deal with it like a boss. 

How To Get Fast Cash With A Car Title Loan

Car title loans are an amazing way for anyone to get cash when they are in an emergency. But sometimes, people who are applying for this loan find themselves not getting the loan as quickly as they wanted it. There are many factors that affect how quickly you can get a car title loan and you need to know them so you can take complete advantage of this method of getting cash. Here is how to get speedy cash with car title loan the right way.

#1: Find A Reputable And Reliable Company 

The first step to getting fast car title loan is to find a reputable and reliable company. The company you’re working with must be ready to provide you with all the information you need to get a car title loan. They must also have a well-structured system that speeds up the application process, the verification process, and the contract agreement process. Work with a company that has experts and professionals who have been in the business for many years. They understand what you need and will provide you with a solution that is just right for you. 

The best way to find reliable car title loan companies is to go online. Do your research, find reviews sites, and decide on the title loan company that understand what they’re doing. You can also ask around for recommendations by people who have used car title loans and can testify to their efficiency. One of the top car title loan companies you can work with is Car Title Loans California. They have a well-structured system where they help clients get car title loans. Many customers have been able to get their loans within 30 minutes of application, without any stress. 

#2: Get Some Knowledge And Education

You should also try and get some education. Knowing about car title loans, how it works, and the process will help you make the right decisions on time. You need good knowledge to be able to deal with all the parameters and instances that you will come across, from the application to the point where you pay back the last cent from the money you have borrowed. Most people who are able to get car title loans fast are those who have educated themselves beforehand and now enjoying the benefits of it. 

There are many ways to get information about car title loans. You can watch videos on YouTube, read reviews, go to article directories, or read articles on websites and blogs. Car Title Loans California has a blog section with endless information for anyone who cares to listen. Get yourself educated about car title loans and increase the chances of getting loans very fast. 

#3: Apply Online

There are two ways to apply for car title loan. You either apply online or go to a location near you. If you want the money quickly because you don’t have the time to drive down, you should apply online. This is how to get fast cash with a car title loan without stress. An online application is faster and very secure, and you can submit all your documents without any issues. 

When applying online, you need to fill in relevant information on the company’s website. You need to provide your name, vehicle model, vehicle year, email, etc. for the platform. You also need to submit all your documents and ensure that everything is correct and accurate. 

#4: Make Sure Your Documents Are Complete And Up-To-Date

During application, many people submit documents that are not up-to-date. When these documents are submitted to the car title loan company without checking, you hit a brick wall. Make sure the name on all the documents is the same and corresponds with the name you have submitted during your application. 

Some of the documents you may be asked to submit includes:

  • Government issued ID card
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of income 
  • References
  • Car title 

If you have any issues with any of these documents make sure you settle it before submission so as not to delay your auto title loan payment. Every customer is expected to provide adequate and precise information that is trustworthy, during their application. 

#5: Call Customer Care 

Sometimes, you may face challenges during your car title loan application process. The challenges can be anything from your documents, your contract signing, or even misspellings. If you want things resolved quickly, you should call the customer care. Taking advantage of the resources and capabilities provided by auto title loan customer care is how to get fast cash with a car title loan. They will help you find a solution to your problems fast so you can move on with your application. 

At Car Title Loans California, we have a highly responsive customer care system that ensures every customer is attended to and provided with the information they need. We are always excited to listen to your complain, find a solution for you, or direct you to one of our top loan officers to help you out. 

#6: Don’t Ask For An Unreasonable Amount 

There is a right price for every car title loan deal. What may delay your application is asking for money that is just beyond your league. Car title loan companies assess you and determine how much you could get through two simple methods including the value of your car and proof of income. When you provide these two and the title company tells you how much they can give you, you should take it even if it’s not enough for what you want to use it for. This is the way to get fast cash in car title loan without delay. You may, however, decide to negotiate and provide additional proof of income if you have it. 

Tips For Paying Back Title Loan Before The Deadline

After collecting your loan you will have to start paying back because the deadline will begin to approach from day one. You need to have a very serious plan to help you make the right decisions so that you can pay before the deadline. Failure to do so might lead to repossession of your car and no one wants that at all. Here are tips to help you pay back your loan quickly. 

  • Start From Day One 

Your payback plan has to start from day one. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t wait until next week, start today. This way, you’ll be able to put all your plans in perspective and make sure that you don’t fail in your repayment and deadlines. Also, starting from day one releases tension that may occur when you struggle to make your monthly payment. 

  • Curb Your Spending 

This is the time you need to reduce your spending and buy only the things you need. Take it slow with all of those lifestyle desires and target paying back your car title loan. After you’ve completed your payment you can get back to your normal lifestyle, no one will stop you. 

  • Have A Budget  

You should have a budget for your spending right now. Put a number on how much you’re going to spend in a month and stick to it. Having a budget will help guide your spending, improve your payment performance, and prevent you from debt. 

  • Get Additional Job

Working extra hours is another great way to help you pay back your loan before the deadline. This means you’ll be earning extra income and paying back your loan. But watch out. There are car title loan companies who will charge you if you paid back your loan too early. At Car Title Loans California, we don’t slam our clients with a prepayment penalty. You are free to pay back your loan as quickly as you want. 


If you’re wondering how to get fast cash with a car title loan this is the way. Make sure you have all your documents complete, apply online, get some education beforehand, and take advantage of customer care system. You need a reliable company to provide you excellent service so you can get your loan fast. At Car Title Loans California, we provide our customers with quality service. Many of our clients have been able to get car title loans within 30 minutes of application.