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Equipment Funding With Commercial Vehicle Title Loans At Oceanside

By admin | May 14 2018
Categories: Car Title Loans

Who Is Eligible To Get A Commercial Vehicle Title Loan?

A commercial vehicle title loan is just like every other title loans. The only difference here is that you’ll be using your commercial vehicle for the deal. Most people living in Oceanside, CA would ask; who is eligible to get a commercial vehicle title loan? Well, the answer is very simple. Title loans are all about giving up the title of your vehicle in exchange for the loan. The title serves as a collateral, which provides some form of assurance or protection for the lender. To be eligible for commercial vehicle title loan, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have your name on the title of the vehicle
  • Have other documents ready e.g. proof of insurance, proof of income, etc. 
  • Possesses a vehicle that is in good condition
  • Must provide two references 
  • Must submit contact address and permanent place of residence 


Once all of these requirements are met then you can apply for commercial vehicle title loan of your choice. The title loan company will have to assess all of your documents to make sure that everything is accurate and updated. 

How To Negotiate To Get More Money For Your Vehicle?

If you have a commercial vehicle and you need a title loan you can get it. The amount of money you are able to get will be determined by a number of factors including the value of your vehicle, the age, the current state it is, and of course your negotiation skills. You’ll need to speak your way through it if you think the money you’re offered isn’t what you expect to get. The most reliable car title loan companies in Oceanside, CA operate an open system where you can engage the loan officers and try to get a better deal. So, how do you go about doing this? 

You have to be able to convince them that you need more money. Explain the situation you’re in and the importance of getting that cash. However, the best way to get a good better deal is to provide proof of income to show that you’ll be able to pay back the money. If you’re able to deliver this then you have the power to take charge of the conversation and make it favor you at the end of the day. 

What The People Of Oceanside, CA Think About Auto Title Loan?

Auto title loans have become some form of hero within the Oceanside, CA community. Every day, more people find themselves dealing with situations like medical emergencies, cost of living, mortgage payments, debts, and funds needed to buy an equipment, hire more staff, or start a new line of business. These people sometimes need a financial assistant but they can’t get it from their friends or family because of one reason or the other. You need to approach a reliable and trustworthy company that will help you get the money you need without the whole world knowing what you’re going through. 

The people of Oceanside are very open to ideas that is why auto title loans are thriving there. They understand how difficult it is to get loans from banks, who will demand so much from you and put you through a stressful process that most people eventually had to give up. Companies who operate auto title loans have passion and compassion, try to understand the needs of their customers, and offer so many opportunities to help their customers grow. They also ensure that no matter the circumstances, you’ll always get the money you need. 

At Car Title Loans California, we offer so many opportunities that the citizens of Oceanside, CA can take advantage of, at any time. We are open to ideas and requests regarding any situations and needs to get the money you need to be able to deal with your current conditions. We have experts who understand the specific needs of the people and we’re always on the lookout to ensure that everything works smoothly from the beginning of your application until you paid back the last dollar. 

Tips For Equipment Funding Using An Auto Title Loan

If you have a business and you’re looking for ways to expand by purchasing a new equipment, you’re not the only one. Many business people in Oceanside, have the same challenge and the banks are not helping matters at all. One option you should consider strongly is the auto title loan. If you have a commercial vehicle or any other vehicles at all, you can use the title to get that loan you want and start the process of getting the cash you want. Here are some tips to help you buy that new equipment using auto title loan. 

  • Know How Much The Equipment Costs

Your very first step is to know how much this equipment will cost you. Find a number of suppliers and ask them for a quote. Compare the prices and select the very best. The reason why this is important is to ensure you’re getting the lowest price possible. You don’t have any idea how much your car can bring you so you want to be prepared to ensure you’ll be able to meet the demands. The cost of equipment will provide you with all the necessary information you need to be able to have a solid and fair deal. 

The cost of the equipment is also very important to your business planning and strategy. Without a doubt, you’re going to pass through a process where you’ll determine if you’ll be able to make ROI. So, apart from knowing how much it will cost you, you also need to know the time you’ll be able to make ROI and succeed. Car Title Loans California has provided information, advice, and guide for many people who wanted to expand on their business and needed help on ways to go about it, especially when it comes to acquiring new equipment. 

  • Calculate The Value It Will Bring To Your Business 

You also need to calculate the value the equipment will bring to your business. Every business offers one sort of value or another to ensure they remain relevant. The equipment you’re getting will in no small way improve your productivity and output but you must be able to calculate the value it will be bringing to your business, which will help you confidently argue your case when trying to get cash from your car title loan. 

  • Prepare A Convincing Proof Of Income 

The main weapon you will be using to help you get the cash you need for your equipment purchase is the proof of income. Most auto title loan companies want you to prove to them that you have the capacity to pay back the loan after it has been issued to you. So, make sure you have documents ready to prove to them that you’re earning enough money. 

If you have data that proves the acquisition of the new equipment will immediately push up your revenue which will help you pay back your loan faster, you should also get that ready too.  is a company that is committed to the happiness of our customers and always ready to provide them with unlimited opportunities. With a solid proof of income, we are ready to work with you to make sure you get the maximum amount of money so you can acquire your new equipment, increase profit, pay back your loan, and be the one to enjoy the extra benefits the new development will be bringing to you. 

  • Highlight How The Equipment Will Place You Above The Competition 

Another way you can find yourself getting more cash than you could ever imagine is to provide information on how the equipment will place you above the competition. Every business has competitors providing the same service. The more you’re able to deliver faster and efficient service, the better it is for you because you’ll get more people patronizing you. Explain to the loan officer why the equipment will place you above the competition and how that will help you pay back your loan on time. 

You have every right to present your case and ideas to us, in fact, we even encourage it. We have worked with many businesses in Oceanside, CA, to help them expand, get new equipment, hire more people, and create better opportunities for themselves. Our intention is to make sure that all of our customers have what it takes to get all they need to make their life better. 

How To Make Your Equipment Last Long 

Getting the money to buy a new equipment to expand your business, increase productivity, and build trust is one thing. You also need to ensure that you maintain your equipment so you can make ROI from it with ease. Here are some tips to help you. 

#1: Read The Manual

Every equipment comes with a manual on how to care for it. As a business person who wants to make a huge profit from your equipment, you must read the instructions and know how best to treat the equipment so it will last longer. Reading the manual will also help you learn about the equipment as regards to operations, usage, and capacity. The more you feed yourself with information the better you will be able to utilize it to improve your experience. 

#2: Regular Maintenance

Based on the information in the manual, make sure you provide regular maintenance for your equipment. The maintenance will need to be carried out at specific times to ensure you stick to the rules by the manufacturer. Don’t overuse the equipment and always make sure that it works the way it is supposed to work. 

#3: Hire Only Professional Technicians 

Make sure only the best and qualified technicians work on your equipment. Allowing untrained technicians to have access to your equipment may lead to damage and that is not good for you knowing that you need it to be in top shape so you can pay back your auto title loan before the deadline. Professional technicians will guarantee you a total capacity to ensure that everything you do will add value to your business, bring in more money, and keep you ahead of the competition. 

#4: Do DIY With Care 

If there are no user serviceable part in it then don’t do it. If there are parts where you can work on it, then make sure you understand clearly what it is before you plunge into it. Equipment generally has a mind of their own and when you work on them without understanding them, you increase the chance of it getting damaged and putting you in a terrible situation. 

#5: Fix Broken Parts Immediately

If you find out that a part of the equipment is faulty, fix it immediately. Don’t wait until the problem escalates and cause serious issues that will damage other parts before you take action. Stop the machine, call your technician immediately, and get it fixed before it’s too late. 


A commercial vehicle title loan is one of the best-kept secrets for funding the acquisition of new equipment that can help you expand your business. With this, you’ll be able to get more customers, make more money, employ more people, and increase your annual revenues. Car Title Loans California is a company committed to providing customers with everything they need to make their dreams come true. Businesses in Oceanside, CA have always been contacting us to help them with the funding of new equipment and many have been successfully accomplished. We offer a special package that clients can work with so they can have the kind of improvement they want in their business.