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Emergency Cash Loans in Fresno

By admin | June 11 2018
Categories: Auto Title Loans

Emergencies are conditions people do not really intend to get into. But then what happens when you eventually need money to deal with eventualities? You don’t have to bow out in embarrassment but rise to the occasion to surmount all obstacles and get immediate cash for the purpose. It is possible to run into a bank to get the dollar amount you require but then you may be disappointed at the delay you are bound to face and maybe a possible denial.

Faced with possible eviction from your home, or with a pending school fees or with a medical treatment to finance before the deadline? You need an emergency loan. You don’t have to fret over pending bills, due rents, payment of tuition fees, medical bills and every other form of emergency as there is a way you can get instant cash. It is through a title loan.

One good way of getting quick cash to deal with emergencies is through a title loan. All that is required of you is to give your vehicle title as collateral for a certain dollar amount. The vehicle title is also known as the pink slip. It is a document that shows who the actual owner of a vehicle is. It usually has the name of the owner clearly spelt out on it.

However, you can only own a vehicle title if you have a vehicle. Title loans permit any automobile ranging from cars, trucks, recreational vans, motor homes, motorcycles and even boats. All that is needed is to pawn your vehicle title for the stipulated money you wish to get instantly and then you are sure to have it.

It is true we try our best to plan out our lives to avoid financial embarrassments. You may try to save up money one way or the other but at a certain time; you might be faced with shocking developments that comes to upset our initial plans. It gets us worrying and if not dealt with on time. To deal with this, we can always use the full option of an auto loan.

There are lots of title loan companies in Fresno that will be willing to help you out of this financial dilemma but there is one that stands tall from the rest, and Car Title Loans California is the answer to all emergency financial problems. You are sure to have an emergency loan same day you apply for it.

Car Title Loans California, Fresno

For over two decades we have been faced with the opportunity of helping Americans all over the state of California. We have hitherto seen Americans go through the huge troubles and embarrassment from other traditional financial institutions such as banks and credit unions when they are faced with emergency situations where money is the only escape route.

Our goal has always been and still is to help you get a loan as fast as possible when you need money to help you through tough times. To maximize and ensure the speed and efficiency of the loan process has been part our goal. This we have been achieving since 1994. The testimonies can be heard of from our huge client database.

Once you have a vehicle, you can always walk into any of our offices scattered all over the state of California to pawn your pink slip for a certain dollar amount. Focused with the huge burden of satisfying our clients and customers, we have now brought a physical store closer to you. Residents of Fresno can now rejoice as you have an option to maximize and deal with emergencies of needing a same day loan.

We have remained here over the years obviously for the following reasons. They include:

  • Straight forward application
  • Same day financing within few hours of application
  • Professional car loan services considering over two decades in practice
  • Best customer service
  • Zero hidden charges and no prepayment penalties
  • Zero consideration of credit as a deciding factor

What about other options?

Like we earlier mentioned, you can have other options but then when faced with a troubling landlord or a tuition fee deadline to catch up with, what you need is immediate cash advance.

Banks and other credit unions are an option but in dealing with an emergency situation, they shouldn’treally be considered. The intensive paperwork you will have to go through is one reason and after that your application might still be declined.They will also require that you have a good credit score – a 3-digit figure gotten from an evaluation using the FICO sample test.

Other financing options will require you to have a score in the range of 600- 700 for you to even qualify for a loan and if you do not meet that score, your application will not be approved.

For this and many other reasons, we are the best option for you in that our method of operation is quite simple, easy, fast and efficient.

How much can you get?

Generally, with us, you are certain of getting up to #50,000. This value is however dependent on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • The mileage of your car
  • The overall body condition of your vehicle
  • The equity you own on your car

You can also get as low as $2,550 when you apply for an auto loan with us.

Applying for an emergency title loan in Fresno

Our application methods have been designed such that it is accessible to everyone. The application platforms include;

  • Online application where you will be required to fill our online application form. This only takes few minutes and then we get back to you.
  • Over the phone by calling our toll free line 1-844-242-7467 where our loan representative will be waiting to take you through the loan process
  • Visiting any of our stores closer to you. You can also call over the phone to find out which is closer to you.

You don’t have to be threatened by sudden financial emergencies. Just call us now and we are willing to help you out of the financial dilemma with quick cash-hitch free.

Loan requirements in Fresno

By now you already know that getting an emergency loan in Fresno is quite easy than you earlier assumed. However, there are certain stipulations that have to be met. They include;

  • A vehicle title or pink slip
  • Insurance documents covering the automobile
  • Validation of your residency
  • A list of 5 references
  • An evidence of your monthly earnings
  • Photographs of the vehicle
  • A copy of your driver’s license or any other means of identification

These are the necessary stipulations which should be met. Once these are provided, your loan will be approved and you have instant cash in less than 24 hours.

Step by step process of getting emergency loan in Fresno

  1. Filling our loan application form which may be done online or by calling our loan representative to guide you through it. You can also visit any of our offices closer to you to apply physically. This only takes a few minute to be completed.If it was an online application you did, you immediately get a call from our customer representative indicating that your application has been received and reviewed.
  2. We go through the details you have provided and we are able to tell you how much we will be able to lend you.
  3. We will have to inspect your vehicle so as to estimate the resale value of your vehicle. Photographs of the different sides of your vehicle will be taken. Also, aphotograph of your odometer is required to ascertain the mileage of your car.
  4. If your vehicle is physically present in any of our offices, this will take a few minutes only. If it is not present, we can send one of our loan representatives to inspect the vehicle wherever it is.
  5. We wish to provide solutions to all your financial emergencies. We will also use Kelley Blue Book to ascertain the resale value of your car. It is with this worth we are able to give you a percentage (usually above 80%) of the value of your car.
  6. We have to verify your income. We do this by looking into any proof of your income which you have given, such as bank statements, pay stubs or even tax return. We use Experian to evaluate this. This is necessary to ensure that you can comfortably see out your loan hassle free.
  7. We finalize your loan by going through the agreement terms and conditions again. We go through this to ensure that the loan option we have given to you is what is best for you and that you can comfortably see it out. If everything is alright, then you sign and your cash is ready, stress free.
  8. You get your cash in less than 24 hours. You may choose to get the physical cash from any of our offices or we may wire it straight into your personal account. Our goal in Fresno is to ensure that you get an instant cash to deal with emergencies and so we try our best to ensure that you are funded the same day you apply for a loan.
  9. The next thing for you to do is to start planning out how to service your loan. We do not penalize you for paying out your loan before time. In fact, we seek out the best payment plan for you considering your monthly income.

So, if after getting the loan and you are able to pay the entire sum at once then, there is no need to split it. You can pay it all at once. This will save you the monthly interest you were supposed to deal with.

However, if you ever get to face challenges as you try to see off the loan, please do not hesitate to call on us. We are here to guide you through that emergency.

No one intends to be held back as a result of low finance. For this reason, we are now closer to you when your need for instant cash is urgent. And we deal with the emergency as soon as it raises their ugly head.

How long does it take to get the lien off?

Once you have completed payments of the loan, we immediately get the lien off your vehicle title. You can as well choose to pick up your pink slip in our office or we can mail it back to you. It all depends on which of the options that serves you better.

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