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Easy Car Title Loans in California

By Jenny Williee | January 21 2018

Easy Car Title Loans in California

Being in a situation where you need money urgently is not desirable but sometimes inevitable. Getting a loan has been a popular option. You walk into a bank; you speak with the right people and begin the process. You will begin with an endless list of documentation you either provide or complete. A credit check will be completed to determine your creditworthiness, and you better ensure you have a good credit rating.

Easy Car Title Loans in CaliforniaAfter all these steps are completed, you then have to wait for some days or weeks for loan processing. When and If approved, you can then get the loan amount. In between application and cash, disbursement might be endless visits to the bank.

Adding this tedious process to the stress of having financial needs and the stress of your daily job will most likely wear you out.

The banks take so long to even give you an answer, if it’s yes or no and they will not let you know the dollar amount that you have been approved for until everything has been verified.

The stress of not knowing if you will be able to get the loan or not or even if they can give you the amount that you need.

It is just hard to be able to know how you will take a can of your financial situation, without the bank being able to give you a quick answer.

Are you looking for a better way?

Car title loans will save you from all the stress and hassle. Your vehicle title and a few documents are what you need to qualify. Within an hour, the process can be completed, your application approved and you can walk away with your money.

Delays do happen, but that is because we are waiting for our clients to send all of the required documentation that we need to get you funded.

When you apply to us and you can your money the very same day, in fact, we can fund you within minutes, as long as you supply us with the correct documentation.

Getting you funded quickly is up to you. As long as you send all of the documentation, we can fund you as long as we can verify all of it. If we need extra documents to get you the auto title loan, we will let you know.

We will let you know over the phone how much money you will qualify for. We will not delay telling you. We will book your car with the Kelly Blue Book to see the wholesale value of your car. That will let us know how much we can lend to you on your pink slip.

Better way of car title loans in californiaIf we cannot give you the money that you need, you will know immediately. Sometimes we can place you with another car title loan company if we cant get you the pink slip loan with us.

We will not run your credit if we cannot help you. So if your car does not qualify there will be no credit check. We do not charge you anything up front, so applying to us is free.

We are here to help you and we will not waste your time if we are unable to help you with your car title loan application we will let you know immediately.

That is why we get your car information straight away, to see if we will be able to help you get the emergency money.

How a Car Title Loan Works

Check with any car title lender near you. Call to find out their requirements and procedures.

With us, we make everything easy and here is what you will need to get your car title loan.  When you come to our location you will need the following items.  Your vehicle,  title, proof of income, proof of residence, insurance, 5 personal references and the application can be filled out at the location.

But to make it easier and faster for you we will take all of the information over the phone and the computer.

It does not require voluminous, stressful documentations like the traditional lenders.

We will run your credit and we will need to see that you are able to support your title loan with enough income to support your title loan.

You do not need a high credit score to be creditworthy. You can apply for this loan even if you have not taken credit before. A poor credit rating or history is not a barrier.  We work with all types of credit. What we look for when we run credit is for an open bankruptcy, if there is one, we will not be able to give you a title loan.

We also look to see that you are paying your creditors. So if your credit is bad, that will not affect us, as long as we can see that you are paying off your creditors.

We help people with bad credit every day get their auto title loans.

When you have bad credit and you need a  loan, using your pink slip to use the equity that you have in your vehicle, can get you the money you need and it can get you the money fast.

In an hour, you can walk away with your money and only leave your car title with the lender as collateral, so we will add our name to the title for security.


If you are wondering “is there a car title loan near me”? We have lots of locations all over California and you will be able to get your car title loan in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, Oxnard, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Jose, Hayward, and Sacramento.

As you can see we have all of the major cities covered in California. So getting your pink slip title loan, will be easier for you with us because of our coverage.near me car title loans

Why Car Title Loans are Easier to Obtain

Traditional loans are so tedious because of the paperwork involved. The credit check and numerous documentations are the bank’s way of insulating themselves against bad debt. The banks do not want to lend to people with bad credit, so it is easy for them to say no to your credit application with them.

Banks like Wells Fargo have tough credit lending guidelines.

We are an asset-based lender, using the equity that you have in your car.

We will use your equity in the car or vehicle to determine how much money we can give to you. But we also need to see your income, so you need to show us that you will be able to pay us back.

However, with pink slip title loans, your vehicle title is with the lender and they can use the collateral to get back their money in the case of default. This makes car title loans less risky. This is why they are easier and faster to get.

Car title loans are fast and easy to qualify for but the interest rates that we charge are higher than the traditional banks or credit unions, so you need to make sure you can afford the payments and that you have a repayment plan.

Will My Vehicle Be Repossessed?

Your vehicle title is the collateral. Your vehicle will be with you. You will have the possession of your car and you will make your payments and offer you have paid all of your monthly payments on time, we will return your title to you.

You will leave the office with your vehicle, so you can continue your everyday activities.

Your vehicle can be repossessed only when you fail to meet up with the loan repayment. This situation happens but only because the client did not make their payments. We always contact our clients, to find out when they are going to make their monthly payments.

We work with all of our clients. Communication is very important if you are going to be late on any of your payments.

We never want to repossess anyone’s car.  The only thing that happens is that the client has to pay about $500 repo fee and catch up on all of the past due payments to get their car back.

If the client does not pay, then the car will go the auction to be sold.

Reposesion on Car title loans californiaWe do not make money by selling the cars at the auction; in fact, we end up losing money. There is an additional fee that we have to pay to sell the car at the auction.

If for some reason there is a surplus on the sale of the car, then we have to return the overage money back to our clients. So there are no real benefits for us to sell your car or repo it in the fists place. We make our money by the monthly payments that come in.

Repayment plans are flexible and adaptable to you. So the risk of default is lower. With our no prepayment penalty title loan program, we make paying us off easy.

Our program is designed to keep you in your car and not repossess it. We have many satisfied customers and many positive reviews. You can see our reviews on Google and on Yelp. All of these make it difficult for you to lose your vehicle.


You can save yourself the stress and hassle of a bank loan by considering car title loan. You can get quick cash, with a flexible repayment plan. We take away unnecessary pressures and worries from you and get you the title loan you need.

Immediate loans are how we can help you. We will get you the max on your title regardless of your credit history.

We are here to help you get your auto title loan and we do not let bad credit get in the way to stop you from getting your money.

Since 1994 we have been proving California their car title loans and our customer loyalty is second to none.

Call us today at 844 242 7467 and we will see how much money we can lend to you. Or if you wish, you can apply online to get approved as well.