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Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield

By Jenny Williee | June 7 2019

Can you get a car title loan with no credit check in Bakersfield? We at Car title loans California have to do a credit check in Bakersfield to get you your title loan.

Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield

The good thing about our loan is that we won’t worry about your credit background and you will continue to drive your car after getting the loan amount from us.

Car title loans California with a credit check in Bakersfield will provide the funds needed to get back on track because your car is your credit with us.

What Are Car Title Loans?

Car title loans use the title of a car as equity in securing the money needed. The loans are approved on the value of the car, not on a credit rating. In fact, no credit check is even required. Car title loans are an easy, simple way to get funds using the title of a motor vehicle.

Poor credit, bad credit, even bankruptcies are not a problem with us. It is a way in which many in Bakersfield are discovering to rebound from financial issues.

Bad Credit is accepted

Bad credit?  Past Bankruptcy? No problem.  What is important is the value of your car or truck and your ability to repay your loan.  That is the concept behind our Car Title Loans here at Car title loans California with a credit check in Bakersfield. In about 30 minutes you can borrow the money you need based on the value of your car or truck, NOT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE, and you get to keep your vehicle to drive!  Sound simple?  It is. So if you are searching for a car title loans near me or car title loans in Bakersfield, you have come to the right place.  Searching for “car title loans near me”?  Apply online for a quick cash pink slip auto equity loan.

Car title loans in Bakersfield will allow you to drive away with cash today and still keep your vehicle!  If your vehicle is paid off or almost paid off, you may be eligible for a car title loan. By using your vehicle as collateral, you can borrow from $2,600 in cash quickly. Best of all, you keep the vehicle!

When you have an urgent need for cash, get a Pink Slip Loan (also called a car title loans or auto title loans). You can borrow between $2,600 and $50,000 in less than an hour using your car as collateral.  The maximum loan amount varies depending on the age of the car, make and model, mileage and condition, and current resale values.  We were one of the original pioneers of the car title loans product in Bakersfield and have developed a business model process that can quickly and easily get you funded on the spot quicker than almost all of our friendly competitors like.  We fund your car loan on the spot, unlike other competitors who have to mail you first for a rigorous verification process.

Not sure if you qualify for a car title loans? Call us and we’ll answer all of your questions. Or, check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

The process is easy. Just fill out an application and bring the necessary paperwork and in no time at all, you can drive away with thousands!

Looking for Title Loans?

If you are looking for a quick and easy, no hassle title loans store in Bakersfield, call Car title loans in Bakersfield today.  You can borrow $1,000’s on your car or truck in less than 1 hour.

We pioneered the title loan product here in southern California over a decade ago so we are experts in this field. So if you have been searching for a bad credit loan, auto equity loans, car collateral loans or even personal loans, we can help. 

Since 1994, we have been helping Bakersfield consumers borrow immediate cash on their car or auto. Our auto loans range from $2600 to $25,000. The title loan is based primarily on the value of the vehicle.

Some of our customers call for cash and ask for a title max. This usually means they are looking for the maximum cash loan amount on their title loans. We also offer title loans online right here through our website application.  Just apply now and we can get your car loan processed fast and easy.

Our car title loans are set up as an installment loan where you make monthly payments you can afford where it is fully amortized. This means that after all payments are made, the loan is completely paid off. 

And, since there is no pre-payment penalty, you can pay the loan off at any time with no additional cost. Get your next title loans from Car title loans in Bakersfield, just call us today and get ready to get your own funds.

Our title loans product is perfect for those people who have an immediate need for cash but do not have weeks to wait to get a traditional loan approved. 

Our title loans take only 1 hour to process and fund and you do not need perfect credit to get approved.  We know that customers are looking for quick, no hassle, respectable service and that is what we specialize in.

  If you have an immediate need for $2600 or more in cash, getting a loan against the title of your vehicle might be your best option.

Call Car title loans California in Bakersfield today and we will give you an immediate quote on how much you can borrow and if your car qualifies.

The equity in your car or truck is a valuable asset and you can use it to quickly and easily borrow against that value.  While banks and other institutions are tightening their credit standards, we are not.  We are eager to satisfy your cash needs and make you a loan you can afford.

We can help you Solve a Financial Dilemma

Our Bakersfield title loans are much different than a traditional title loan in that they are fully amortized loans.  This means that after you make the last installment loan payment, your loan is completely paid off.  Traditional title loans are for 30 days or less and the loan is then due entirely.  Our loans also have no pre-payment penalty which means that you can pay off the loan at any time with no additional cost or fee.  We even offer an online title loans option for those who want to apply online. And, our auto title loans have much higher dollar amounts than typical personal loans in Bakersfield. Whereas our loans are based primarily on the value of your car, Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield are unsecured and typically require much higher credit scores.

So if you are searching for Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield, call us today 

Car Title loan process

The most effective solution for your short-term lending needs is car title loans. In Bakersfield, Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield are hard to find! If you have an urgent financial matter to address, fill out the online form on our site to see how much cash we can get you in a mere 24 hours.

title loans calculator

Now that you have discovered Car title loans California in Bakersfield, your hunt for the perfect loan option is over – our company has made the borrowing process as easy as 1, 2, 3!

All we need is some basic information regarding your car and where to reach you, so we can calculate a loan estimate and get you superb deals on Car title loans in Bakersfield!

Once your application has been submitted, a title loan expert from our office will contact you to guide you through the rest of the steps.

You will even be able to create a customized payment schedule that fits your exact budget because we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible with your loan terms!

Your MONEY will be ready for pick up immediately after you finalize the details in our office. We have dozens of lending offices throughout California and Bakersfield so there is never a problem with finding a Car Title Loan office near you!

How Can You Use Your Auto Title Loan?

You choose how you want to use the cash from your car title loan. Car title loans can be used to pay down an auto loan, a credit card payment, utility bill or any other purpose you see fit. It is your money, you decide!

Can I Use My Car Title Loan to Consolidate My Bills?

Absolutely! In fact, many find that is the BEST use of an Auto Title Loan. When you use your car title loan to consolidate your bills, you will have only one payment to repay. That payment will likely be less than the combined payments you are currently trying to keep up with.

When you use your car title loan to consolidate your bills, it can give you a fresh beginning. You can start again and manage your Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield responsibly.

We help our Bakersfield customers take care of immediate expenses and get afloat, with things like:

  • Dental and medical expenses
  • School expenses
  • Home repairs or mortgage payments
  • Tax debt
  • Car repairs
  • Holidays
  • An Emergency Medical bill
  • Divorce
  • Unexpected death or sickness of a member of the family
  • Business Expansion
  • And more!

Car title loans California in Bakersfield help you no matter what you need help with. Our Bakersfield customers love that they can finally get on top of the bills, which is just what they need to get back in a good place financially. The last thing they want is for bills to go to collections, or if they’re already there, they can get Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield.


You can get your auto title loan quickly and easily. Contact us today and begin to put the stress of your personal finances behind you. Your car can take you places you may not have imagined. It can take you a place where your bills are paid when you use your car title loan to consolidate your bills!

Why we remain the No. 1 title loan agency in Bakersfield is not just because it is our goal to help you get a car title loan quickly when times got tough, but that we protect your comfort and convenience while playing by the legal books.

To efficiently bring this amazing title loan process to your doorstep, we have one of our locations in Bakersfield for you to easily access and receive the urgent cash assistance money.

We are one of the best sources for car title loans in Bakersfield because we offer only the most elite programs for our Bakersfield title loan applicants. Our company has created a detailed database, which we update regularly, of all the industry regulations in California. 

You can score up to $50,000 pretty much overnight – we guarantee that nobody in the business can beat our speed! Our Bakersfield car title loan process is quick & simple. Even with bad credit, we will still keep the process simple. Your credit score doesn’t even come into consideration.

Banks and corporate size lenders make you fill out extensive loan applications and wait in their office for hours before approving your title loan. Most of the time the loan comes with outrageous terms. We know you want to get your money as quickly as possible because you are a busy person with more pressing matters to attend to.

Now you know all there is to know about Car title loans with no credit check in Bakersfield!