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Car title loans with bad credit in Hayward

By Jenny Williee | July 11 2018
Categories: Car Title Loans

Car title loans with bad credit in Hayward

It can be tough to make ends meet in Hayward, and if you have a bad credit record it can be really difficult to find someone who will loan you money. If you’ve suffered from a lack of work for any period of time or your paycheck is going to be a little late coming in this month, it can be pretty hard to catch up and get back on your feet. Rather than letting your bills go unpaid or paying them late and getting stuck with late fees, you can apply for a title loan from Car Title Loans with bad credit in Hayward. If a car that you own has adequate value, we might be able to process a cash loan for you.

We can help even if you bad credit! Apply by completing our online form or by calling us on the phone for a free quote. We offer you cash on your car, motorcycle, recreational vans, trucks and another form of automotive you own. Even if all you have on any of the listed is just equity, you are quite eligible to get this cash advance with us. No one can determine when he/she would run into a financial fix. You’ve probably had your financial goals set out right from the unset. Even the trajectory of your future, financially, were all set; no loopholes, no problems, until the unexpected happened, leaving you in need of more cash than you can lay your hands on from your own personal stead 

How Car Title Loans with Bad Credit Work In Hayward 

We use the wholesale value of your car to find out how much the title loan will be. We will use the Kelly Blue Book to get the value. Once we know how much your car will qualify for, we need to see your proof of income, to make sure that you can pay for the title loan with us. So your ability to repay the loan is also very important. When we value your car, we take into many different factors, to get you the most money. We will need the year, make, model, mileage and the overall condition of the vehicle. If there are any special features added to the car or if there are aftermarket accessories on the vehicle, that will increase the value of the vehicle. We want to get you the most money possible. We can lend up to 85% of the wholesale value, but this will depend on the ability for you to repay. Your car is going to be the collateral on the loan. You will be able to still keep and drive the car, but the pink slip or the title will be held by us until the loan is paid in full. Now we know that your car qualifies with us, we will need to get you to qualify. This is what we will need to get you approved. Do not worry if your credit is bad, we are not a credit based lender, and we will not even do a credit check so you are certain to qualify. We will have to verify your residence. A utility bill will do the job, but it has to go to the address where you are living. We need to see photos of the vehicle, so we can see the overall condition of it before we make your appointment to pick up your money. We will also need a photo of the mileage on the vehicle. Please provide us with a copy of your insurance, we will add our name to the policy. A copy of your driver’s license and your registration.

Bad Credit is never a crime

There are many different people who have had financial difficulties and have bad credit. Just because you have had the door slammed in your face at the back because of your bad credit, we have helped thousands of people use their cars equity to get the emergency money loan that they need. Since we started way back, we have helped many different people. Using your equity in your car is a great way to get money by using the cars pink slip, so we are not worried about your bad credit. When we pull your credit, we are looking for open Bankruptcy and credit counseling. It is never a crime to have a bad or low credit and that is why have taken up the task to helping people like you who have been running around banks trying to get a loan.

Car Title Loans with bad credit in Hayward is here to help

When you have a financial emergency, it’s good to know that we are here to help you. We will get you your vehicle equity loan for you, so you will have the money to take care of your financial emergency. If you call us we can get you approved over the phone or apply with us online and there will be less waiting at the office because we will have everything prepared for you by the time you go to the office to sign your title loan contract and get your money. Our friendly sales team are here to help you and answer any questions that you might have.

We know how hard it could be trying to survive when you are not having enough money to take care of your financial needs and that is why we have decided to be assisting people like you to get back on their feet.

Guides on How to Get a Car Title Loan Approval in Hayward

To get a quick car title loan in Hayward is easy. As earlier stated, you can approach us online for an instant cash advance using your car title as collateral by filling out the form available on our website. You can also apply over the phone by giving us a call, anytime, anywhere. We will require you to provide some vital information to our skilled title loan representatives. Though you will still get car title loan approval despite your credit history. This is the reason why we are exceptional. We are not too bothered about your credit status; we will need to see your bank statements or pay stubs or even your tax return. Proof of income is very important. We have to show that you will be able to afford the car title loan that you are getting from us. Verifying that you have enough income to support the auto title loan that you are getting from us is very important. We do not want to give you a title loan and the payments are too expensive. We do not want you to default on your title loan contract with us. We have to make sure that your monthly payments are within your budget. We will have to verify your residence. 

Best Car Title Loans in Hayward

So what makes our car title loans the best in Hayward? That is a great question, and we will let you know why we think we are the best, but you will have to let us know. We will get you more money on your car title loan in Hayward than any other lender. We will also get you the lowest payment in Hayward too. With our lower interest and our smaller monthly payments, makes it easier to stay on top of your monthly payments. All of our auto title loans are also provided with no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your auto title loan at any time you have the money. With our lower interest and our smaller monthly payments, it is easier to stay on top of your monthly payments. All of our auto title loans are also provided with no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your auto title loan at any time you have the money. If you would like to make larger monthly payments, to lower your principal balance, we allow that too. We do not charge you any extra fees to get out of your auto title loan. We want to make it as easy for you to pay off as possible.  

The Steps to Getting Your Title Loan in Hayward

Online Application

Our online application is easy to fill out. We will need all of the fields filled out, so we can get you the best car title loan and the fastest one with your bad credit score. You are to provide your name, phone number, email address, and the minimal information about your car.  

Call from a Representative

Once we receive your application, we will review it and then we will call you and let you know how much we are able to lend to you based on the nature of your car.  

We will go through all of the details with you.

Basic Items needed for a Car Title Loan We will need the following items for you to get your application processed;

  • Your valid driver’s license or state ID
  • Proof of insurance
  • The original title for your vehicle
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • Pictures of the vehicle

Other items may be required but your loan representative will cover those with you.  


Once you are approved, we will set up your appointment for you to come to our Hayward office.  

Vehicle Inspection

This process can be done before you plan to sign your terms and collect your money. It will be done at our Hayward location. It only takes a couple minutes to conduct. We inspect the car to confirm what was in the picture you sent and that there aren’t major damages that would greatly decrease the resale value of the car.  

Finalize Your Loan

We will go over the car title loan agreement with you. We will highlight the most important items on the contract. The loan terms you receive will be unique to you so that it fits your needs the best. We sit down with you and go through the terms, your interest rate and scheduled monthly payments. After you have signed the contract and your title. You are ready to pick up your check.  

Collect Your Funds

Once you’ve signed the documents, you are free to leave with your money in hand. You get to go use your money however you like or how you need to. You can take care of the financial emergency that you have.  And the most part is that you get to still drive your car the way you want without restrictions

Paying Off Your Title Loan

This is the last stage of the loan process. This is the phase that you will start to pay up your loan amount depending on the agreed terms and conditions. When you are done making the payments, we will return your car title loan to you and the whole process ends and in the end it’s a memorable journey for you.



If you need a loan but are hesitating to apply because of your credit score, there is now a rejection-free solution. Do not worry about getting declined again. At Car Title Loans with bad credit in Hayward, we have made loan options for those with bad credit. You can apply online even if you have previously filed for bankruptcy. That is because we are not worried with your past. We use your vehicle’s title as collateral for your loan. While some lending institutions are hesitant to fund loans because of past financial problems, we know that your credit background is not the sole indicator of your future. We do not do any credit background checks for approval on car title loans in Hayward.
There are many aspects to think of when you are in need of financial assistance. Some businesses charge outrageous interest rates or add-on fees. At our website, we work to help you, not the other way around. We have very good rates paired with flexible plans. In addition, we are always ready to help you with your car title loans needs in Hayward. We can be reached online, over the phone, or at locations throughout Hayward. Don’t put off getting the funds you require. Get in touch with our customer service line and get the finances you need today.