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11 Car Title Loan Tips

By admin | January 11 2018
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Getting a cash title loan on your car is easier than you think. Car title loans California can get you the most money and get you a better rate with no prepayment penalties. When you have a financial emergency, it is difficult to know where you can go to get immediate funding to help sort out your financial matter. We know that this can be very stressful and not knowing how you will get this money can keep you up at night. We are able to help you get the money you need and we will help you get it immediately. Getting a vehicle title loan from us will solve your immediate financial dilemma. Our car title loans help you out when you are in a financial crisis. We will help you get your money today and funding process moves much faster than the traditional banks. It is important to know that car title loans are more expensive than traditional financing.


A car title loan is based on the equity that you have in your vehicle. You could also check out our frequently asked questions to get some answers to lots of questions. We will need to know all of the information on your car, The make, the year, the model, the miles, the condition and the title status.


The biggest advantage of getting a car title loan with us is that we will use the equity that you have in your car. Instead of only using your credit, we use the value that you have in your car to get the loan. We do run your credit but we work with people with bad credit all of the time. We offer you more money on our car title loans and we will offer you a lower rate too. We will also offer you our no prepayment penalty offer. So paying off is much more convenient for you. The size of the title loan will depend on the wholesale value of your car in the Kelly Blue Book and your proof of income. We will not lend you the full value of your vehicle. We will only lend you a percentage of the wholesale value. We also need to protect our self's from the depreciation of the car and we are only lending a percentage of the wholesale value. Also, the value of the car will go down over time, so we have to be careful not to lend too much on your car.


All car title loans in the state of California are governed by the Department Of Business Oversight. Ther is no limit to the interest on loans that are over $2,500. Aссоrding to a ѕtudу соnduсtеd by thе Cаlifоrniа Dераrtmеnt оf Buѕinеѕѕ Ovеrѕight, thе average rаtе оf саr title сrеditѕ in Cаlifоrniа wаѕ bеtwееn 60 аnd 100% APR or highеr.Car Title Loans Tips from Car title loans california When our car title loan calculator is looking at your application, it is looking at what type of car do you have, how many miles do you have on it, is it a clean title or a salvage title, how long have you lived in your residence and what is your monthly income. All of these factors will determine what interest rate you will qualify for.


Income is very important because we need to see that you can support the amount of the loan. We will not put you on a title loan that you will not be able to afford to repay. That would be irresponsible of us. Our minimum income requirement is $1,200 to support our minimum loan. Our car title loan calculator will work out how much we can lend to you and what your income will support. We accept all proofs of income from bank statements to letters from employers.


Yes, we can get you your auto title loan the same day that you apply to us. The speed for you to get your title loan really depends on you and how fast you get us all of the required paperwork. If you are really fast and you have all of the documentation, then you can have your car title loan within an hour! Your debt to income ratio is an important factor. So your ability to repay the loan is a large deciding factor. So trying to get an auto title loan we will not use the credit scoring method to approve or deny our applications but we have our own algorithm. We help our clients with better interest rates on our car title loans, so it makes it easier for you to afford them and stay on time with the monthly payments. With our rates being lower, there is a much lower risk of you defaulting on the title loan.


When you get a car title loan from us, you will get to continue to drive your car and keep it in your possession. We do not take possession of your vehicle. You are able to continue to enjoy and use your car. We are only added to the title as the lien holder but you are still the registered owner of your car. When we are underwriting your title loan, we will normally lend from 50% to 85% of the wholesale value of your car. This way we are able to offer you the best amount of money for you. We can offer you much more money than a payday loan and we will give you the money much quicker than the traditional banks. Some banks will ask for collateral if you are asking for a loan but they will not accept your car as collateral to support the loan. The banks would prefer to use real estate to support the loan. As we specialize in car title loans we will use the equity that you have to support our loan.


You can get a title loan without insurance but it will only be for a small amount, probably the minimum title loan amount. It will also depend on the wholesale value of the car and plus the dollar amount of the pink slip loan. Most car title loans that we do, will need full coverage to protect you and to protect us. If you are involved in an accident or the car is stolen, then knowing that the insurance company will pay for the car and the balance of your title loan and that you will not be financially responsible for the balance of your title loan, is good to know


We will always run your credit. Do not think because you have bad credit that you will not be able to get a title loan with us. We work with all sorts of credit, so if your credit is bad but you have equity in your car, we will be able to help you get the cash you are looking for from your pink slip. Our car title loan calculator will let us know how much we will be able to lend to you. Your ability to repay the loan is the deciding factor on how much you will qualify for. A steady job, with job security, is important to get an approval. We will verify your income sources to get you funded. Our car title loans are high-interest loans but we do work with all types of credit and we will get you the money as fast as possible. We do not do our approvals on your credit score but it does help us to get our approval done. We are lending you the money on the title of your car, so the car values are very important to us, so the credit score is not the main deciding factor. So if your credit is bad and you need fast cash using the title of your car to get an instant loan could be the way to go. All banks use credit to measure the risk of the client, so bad credit will automatically disqualify you from getting a loan from the bank. So getting an auto title loan from us, when the banks will not help you is a great option to have. We are not judging you on your past bad credit problems. We help many people that have bad credit get the money they need with an instant loan from us. If you are not sure of what your credit score is, you can always check your credit here.


The answer is yes you can if there is enough equity in the car. We will call your current lien holder and pay off the balance that is owed to them. Then we will add that balance to your new auto title loan with us. The title loan will have a higher interest rate than the traditional car finance companies. If there is not enough equity in the vehicle, then we will not be able to help you with an auto title loan replacing your current car finance company.


By getting an auto title loan instead of a payday loan, you will see that the interest that is being charged on the payday loan is much higher and the dollar amount is much smaller. Also, the repayment time is very quick with a payday loan. With our title loans, the terms range from 24 months up to 48 months. So you can just make your monthly payments and pay down your loan. So with our title loans, you continue to drive your car while paying down your title loan with us with your on-time payments.


We are able to get you your emergency title loan on Sunday. We will need to have all of the paperwork on your application so that we can get you all pre-approved and all set for funding. We can fund you 7 days a week and our sales team will work hard for you to get the money to you as fast or as convenient as possible. If you apply on a Sunday, we will have to get you funded on the following Monday because we have to verify everything with the DMV. We need to see if there are any registration fees or other fees that need to be paid before we will be able to get on the title as your new lien holder.

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When you are looking for your emergency money, you need to know how much you can qualify for and you need to find out fast. When you call us or apply with our online application we will let you know how much you have pre-qualified for over the phone or we will email you to let you know. Car Title Loans California in MinutesOur pre-approval process is very fast and its free. We will book you’re your to see how much it will qualify for. Our online short form only asks for your basic information and your car information. Our sales team are highly skilled and they will do their best to get you approved and schedule your appointment so that you can go and pick up your money. After your pre-approval, we will work on getting all of the supporting documents to get you funded. We want to get you funded the same day that you apply to us. The key to our auto title loan program is the speed at which we can get you funded. Getting an instant title loan from us is a fast way to get cash. We will always do our best to get you the right car title loan for you, with the best terms. You can contact us at 844 242 7467.

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