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Keep Enough Money in Your Checking Account With a Car Title Loan

By Daniel Joelson | December 17 2019
Categories: Car Title Loans

Are there issues paying your bills? Are there instances where you have to deal with the burden of a bounced check or might have to pay a huge sum on overdraft?  You keep pondering within yourself how to raise enough funds to avoid such a situation in the future. We are offering California residents a car title loan on the equity of your vehicle.

The solution is near which might not be aware of and it’s just sitting right there outside your home. Don’t get it wrong, there is no bag of money sitting outside your home but your own vehicle that is the solution.

That very vehicle you will need to access and receive a loan. It does not require you taking another set of payment for the vehicle; the vehicle will just serve as collateral for the loan.

Using your pink slip as collateral to secure a car title loan is a fast way for you to get money.

The question is how do you go about this?

Consider a Car Title Loan

As earlier discussed, with your vehicle, you may be granted a loan. What it means is, all you need to do is take that vehicles title to a title lender who in turn will assess the value of your vehicle. In that vein, the title lender may offer you a loan based on the value of your vehicle. This arrangement doesn’t take much time to receive the loan, meaning cash will be handed over to you once you are certified as qualified. Very easy, isn’t it?

We will need to do a credit check but not to worry if you have bad credit, we work with all types of credit

We will need the documentation brought to our office or to do it faster and less waiting for you, we can do car title loans online. Then with all the processes completed, the paperwork, the filling, in less than an hour, your cash is made available.  We can wire the money directly to you.

This process is a whole lot faster than all the banks and you will know the same day, how much money you will get.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Get a Loan?

The consequences are that you will pay a higher price for evading overdrafts and bounced cheques.

Going by the study conducted by the Federal Depository Insurance Company (FDIC), one could pay as much as 1,067% on a 2-week checking account overdraft. You know yourself more than we do, such high-interest rate on a loan is unheard of. Literally meaning that a car title loan is your sure bet than gambling with your bank.

Car title loans are more expensive than traditional bank rates but they are no way near as expensive as the bank overdraft fees.

To avoid such issues as owing late fees, utilities turned off, eviction from your home, be sued, or having your checking account canceled for not having not enough money in your checking account, it’s better to take out a car title loan.

You will be able to have the cash that you need, the same day that you apply to us as long as you can satisfy all of the requirements we ask for.

Will I Have to Give Up My Car?

Taking a car title loan will enable you to keep your car in your possession. What is required of you is to hand over your title or your pink slip on a temporary basis as it serves out as collateral for your loan?

We will use your pink slip as the collateral to secure the loan. We will become the lien holder of the title.

At ease, you will drive your car around town with much-needed cash to service your checking account from incurring any overdraft fees or any other financial issues that you might have.

A great benefit of getting a title loan from us is that you can keep your car. Unlike pawn shops, where they will keep your car until your loan is paid off.

Getting a car title loan from us is not your long-term solution but it will help you with your immediate cash flow issues.



If you are having problems paying your bills and your bank is charging you overdraft fees, getting a car title loan from us could be your answer to your short-term cash flow problems.

By using the equity that you have in your car, allows you to have the ability to get at least $2,500 and up.

Contact us today and see how easy it is to qualify for us, or visit our FAQ’s page for further questions.