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Car Title Loans Emergency Cash

By Jenny Williee | March 13 2019

The problem is that you are on a tight budget and you don’t have the extra money available. Going to your local bank will not be able to help you get a cash loan quickly. So getting your emergency money can be a problem.

Well, here at Car Title Loans California we are able to provide you with simple, hassle-free and immediate cash for your car title. Our car title loan program is a fast and easy way to get thousands of dollars.

Need Emergency Cash?

If you need emergency cash and you own your car, you should apply now with us. Using your pink slip to get the emergency money that you need, is a great way to get cash fast. We are always trying to get you to fund the same day that you apply to us. Other lenders do not have to locations that we have.Car Title Loans When You Need Emergency Cash

They use notaries to get you funded, but with us you will go to one of our local title loan locations meet our local title loan rep, to sign your contract and get your money. Our car title loan program is very popular with our clients in California. We provide them with the best service and the best product. We have helped thousands of clients over the years. We have been helping California residents for over 20 years.

We will get you the most money on the equity of your vehicle; provide you with the best customer service in the industry.

We make it easy for you to qualify with us. We can get you prequalified over the phone or even online. We can get you funded the same day that you apply to us. We will need the following items to get you the money that you want.

  1. Proof of income. Your pay stubs or your bank statement.
  2. Proof of residence. Any utility bill will work as long as it has your name on it going to your home address.
  3. Proof of insurance. We will be adding our names to the policy as the new lien holder and the loss payee.
  4. Five personal references. We will need all of the information such as phone number and address.
  5. Our application filled out. The full application needs all the small details filled out on it.
  6. Credit check. We will need to run a credit check on you. We need to see if there are any open bankruptcies and to also see your payment history. We are not worried about if you have bad credit, but we do need to see that you are making your monthly payments to your creditors.
  7. Photos of the vehicle. We will need both sides of the front and back. We will also need photos of the inside of the car. If there are any damages to the car, we will need to see them in the photos. So please take extra photos if there is any damage.
  8. Photo of the odometer. We need to verify the exact mileage on the car.
  9. Copy of your driver’s license. We need to have this in the file.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to qualify for our auto title loans program.

With our loans, you are able to get more money than a payday loan. We can get you thousands of dollars, while a payday loan can only get you a few hundred dollars. Our title loan terms are 20 to 48 months long. So you have plenty of time to repay us. With a payday loan, they need it to be paid off within 30 days or even the next pay period. If not they will roll over your loan and the interest will be even more expensive.

Title loans are much less expensive than payday loans.

Applying for a loan with a traditional bank like Bank of America, they might be able to get the same amount of money to you but they will take weeks or even months to get you approved. Traditional banks do not move fast. We, on the other hand, will have the money that you need in your pocket today!

With us, you are getting your emergency money and you are getting it today.

We Are Your Reliable California Car Title Loan Provider With Same Day Funding.

When we are approving your application, we are not basing it on your credit score but what we look at are the value of the wholesale in your car and your income. We look at your payment history. After our car title loan calculator has looked at all of the deciding facts on the application, we will be able to let you know how much money and what rate we will charge you.

Of cause, if you have good credit, it will help but our most important approval factors are car value and ability to repay the loan. The credit score is not the deciding factor in our program.

Emergency CashOur minimum income requirement is $1,200 and that will only qualify you for our minimum loan of $2,500. We are able to be aggressive with the wholesale value of your car but the income is really the one thing that we cannot be flexible on. If you have a title loan with another company, we might be able to refinance it with us as long as there is equity or we might be able to do a straight pay off, with no additional money but a better interest rate.

We will do our best for you to get more money but for sure we will get you a better rate.

If you are financing your car with a traditional car finance company and you have equity in the car, we will pay off the other lender and get you the money that you need for your emergencies. As long as you have equity in your car, we can pay off any bank, credit union or any car finance company, so you can use your pink slip to get a title loan. As long as there is equity in your car, it does not matter about the age of it we will be able to help you when other lenders are not able to.

Some cars are over ten years old and have 200,000 miles on it, but it might still qualify with us, our guidelines on some cars such as Toyota or Honda are different from other car brands.

The Best Interest Rates, The Best Car Title Loans

We will get you the best interest rate on your collateral loan. With our car title loan calculator, we will be able to find the best deal for you. We will also get you the most money advanced on your car. Our advance rates are higher than the other lenders, so we are able to give you more money on your pink slip. Our repayment program will help you pay off faster too. Our flexible repayment plans, help you pay us off faster. We will try to save you as much interest as possible.

We will give you a no prepayment penalty program, so you can pay off at any given time. So when you have all of the money or part of the money, we will help you pay off or pay down your title loan, when it suits you best.

Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you get your vehicle collateral loan. We have over 20 years of experience in doing title loans, so our skilled staff will be able to get you funded faster than the rest. We are the lender that can help you get the most money and in the fastest time on the equity of your vehicle.

Call us at 844 242 7467 or you can apply online with us and let us see how much money we can get to you.