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Auto Title Loans for Older Cars

By sbanderas | February 17 2020


How to get Title Loans for older cars?

Maybe you’ve thought about approaching your bank for a personal loan but know that their stringent conditions and complicated requirements would leave you at a disadvantage. A bank looks at how good your credit score is before issuing a loan to you. And if your credit is bad, you don’t stand a chance. When your current financial state is not so great or your credit is poor, and the urgency of the circumstance demands that you have some cash at hand or get the cash fast, then you can save yourself the stress by getting an auto title loan for older cars. Read more about auto title loans at

Working with older cars

Now the problem might be that your car isn’t that new, or it is a classic car. But the good news is that you can still get an auto title loans for older cars even with a car that is older than 10 years with Car Title Loans California. With your old car, a valid for an auto title loan for older cars that is legally yours and a few other simple requirements, you can get the funds you need from us.

It is our utmost desire to assist you in every way possible as you make this financial decision. Your happiness is our priority, and we wouldn’t want a situation where you get caged in your predicament because you have an old car and couldn’t get a car title cash advance with it. Yes, it is possible to get an auto title loan for older cars.

Which vehicles qualify for an auto title loan for older cars?

Before you proceed to acquire an auto title loan for older cars, it is paramount you understand how a title loan works. The way a car title loan works is you surrender the car title to receive a loan in exchange.

Based on the type, model, and make of the automobile you are providing, you get a percentage of its worth as cash advance. Generally, a car that has a mileage reading of about 200,000 is qualified for a title loan. But this does not mean that a car of over 200,000 miles on it can’t get you a title loan. It all depends on the car title loan lender and their willingness to take the risk. We are here to assist you even with an old diesel engine truck with high mileage.

Value of the Vehicle

auto title loans for older cars is easy

The value of an asset – a car, in this case, depreciates with time. That means that as time goes by, the value your car drops. And the older your car, the lower its value. The more years you drive your car, the more mileage you will have on your car, and this causes a drop in its market value.

There are different makes/models of cars that vary in value. This value is also influenced by how old the car is. If your car is about 11 years old or more, getting a title loan against its value could be quite a challenge.

Usually, there is an age limit to which a title loan lender can permit to access a title loan. But with us, we believe that irrespective of the age of your car, it is still worth something. And you can get a cash advance on that your old car, irrespective of how old the car is.

How Much Cash Can You Get?

Your car or vehicle allows you to get the money you need fast, but the big question here is how much should you expect to get when you’re using an older car? What is more important in getting a pink slip loan is not how old your car is, but how much value (in cash) does your car still have, despite its age.

Which is to say, a car might be 12 years old and still worth more. Vintage or classic cars for example still retain a high value even after several years of usage. If your car still has a clean body and a sound engine, then its value will be quite tangible even if it is over 10 years old. It would surprise you to know that most properly maintained old cars may even worth more – cash-wise than most newer cars.

Classic Cars

money for auto title loans for older carsAn older classic car could also worth more than a car that is less than 5 years old. The age of your car engine and mileage reading on the odometer influences your chances of acquiring a title loan as well as the title loan amount you can get. The amount of loan also depends on how much your car is worth, and partly on your capability to repay the loan.

Every car is worth something, and you get a percentage of this amount. With Car Title Loans California, you can get over 80% of this amount. A properly maintained regular old car or a clean vintage or classic car could still have some value in it, and we are willing to approve your title loan application irrespective of the car’s age.

Applying for A High Mileage Auto Title Loan

cash for auto title loans for older carsAn auto title loan for older cars could also be referred to as a high mileage title loan. To get a high mileage title cash advance in California, it all begins by reaching out to a car title loan lender that offers title loan services for cars older than 10 years. This is where Car Title Loans California comes to your aid. What follows next can be summarized in three stages;

  1. Fill an application
  2. Provide the stipulations
  3. Get funded

After you approach us as your auto title loan for older cars, we will direct you to file a formal application and we will also guide you through the entire process. During your application, we will require you to give us the following information;

  • Your name and phone number
  • Email and residential address
  • Make and model of your cart
  • Any other minor bio-data

How We Find the Value of Your Car

Since you are borrowing cash based on the value of your old car, we want to ensure you get the actual auto title loan for the older car amount is the maximum you can get. Thus, determining the exact value of your car is paramount.

We inspect your car to make sure that it is still roadworthy at least, and that it is in perfect working condition. Also, check your car to see that there are nobody damages or critical dents that will decrease its worth. We do all these evaluations to determine the value of your car and also reach a cash amount that you can get.

With – an online platform for car evaluation, we will determine the worth and current value of your car. We estimate the worth of your car by simply running the age, make, and model of your car through this program. By this process, we can then come up with the dollar value of how much your car is worth as of present, and also reach the cash amount you can collect (usually about 85% of this value).

Though there are state laws and restrictions governing title loans in California,  directly specifies any minimum car value limit to access a title loan. However, we expect that your car, despite how old it is, should be worth at least $4,000. And we can lend you up to 85% of the value of your car. If your car is worth much more, and you have a substantive ability to repay the loan, you will qualify for much more cash, and your approval will be speedy as well.


For an auto title loan for older cars, the requirements are quite similar to those needed to get a title loan for newer cars. Aside from your car, pink slip, your details and details of your car, here are some other things you will need to get an auto title loan with your old car in California.

  1. Pictures of your car showing the interior, exterior, as well as the mileage on it.
  2. VIN of your car, as well as its make and model.
  3. The vehicle insurance on your car.
  4. Any document to prove how much you earn monthly.
  5. This does not mean you have to be employed before you will get funded.
  6. Credit checks: This will not affect your chances of getting a title loan from us, rather, it gives us an idea of how many loans you can afford and a payment plan that will suit your financial plans.


As long as you don’t default on the agreed terms, you get to continue to drive your car. We only hold on to your car title as collateral. For auto title loans for older cars, we will add our name as the lienholder. You have a period of up to 3 years to make payments. And you can always pay off your loan completely anytime, even before the due date, and we won’t charge you a dime for completing payments early.

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Car Title Loans California provides the best auto title loans for older cars you can find in California. All you need for a title loan on your old car is enough equity If you are looking for an auto title loan for older cars, we can help you. All you need to do is apply online or you can call us directly. We are here to help you. Apply through our online platform by accessing our online application form. If you prefer an over-the-phone application, then just give us a call on 1-844-242-7467.