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Best Car Title Loans in Orange County (8 easy steps)

Our goal at Car Title Loans California is to help you get a car title loan quickly when you need money to help you through tough times. To maximize the speed and efficiency of the title loan process, we have a Car Title Loan location in Orange County for you to pick up your emergency money. Getting the funds that you need as soon as possible is what we always try to do. People are always searching on Google car title loans near me. Well here at Car Title Loans California we are near you with our multiple locations throughout California. And we have a local Orange County office for you.

When looking for car title loans online it is important to know that we have local offices for you to get your money today. We also try to give you the max on your title every time.

What we will need to get your application going is for you to fill out our credit application. We will run your credit with Experian, we have to check to see the amount of your income. I f you do not make enough to qualify for the title loan we will ask you to get a co signer.

We will need to see photos of the vehicle and the odometer reading to verify the actual mileage on the vehicle.

We will ask for your proof of residence and five personal references.

Fill out our online application to get approved for a car title loan within minutes. After approval, your money can be ready for pickup at the Orange Countylocation to make it convenient for you to pick up your money within an hour! The more locations we have, the easier it is for you to pick up a check once you’ve been approved for a title loan. We recommend that you speak with one of our experienced representative, and he or she will let you know which location is closest to you. You can call us at: 1-844-242-7467.

Title Loans in Orange County Approvals (easy process)

Getting money in is easy with Car Title Loans California. We can help even if you bad credit! Apply by completing our online form or by calling 1-844-242-7467 for a free quote.

When we quote you we always try to offer you the most money for your title loan. We will quote you based on your cars value on the Kelly Blue Book. We work with all year’s makes and models. We will see if we can get as many cars to qualify under our program.

Title Loans in Orange County Approvals (easy process)

Car Title Loans California offers two easy ways to apply. Start the process by:

  • Completing the information request form on our secure website
  • Calling us at 844-242- 7467

You could be approved the same day as you apply. Better yet, if you qualify, you could even be funded within same day. What are you waiting for? By applying through Car Title Loans California for a car title loan you could experience the many benefits of car title loans in Orange County. We will match you with one of our lending professionals and help you escape your monetary burden. Our sales team is highly qualified to help you through the title loan process.

  • Credit application.
  • We will run your credit.
  • We will verify your income.
  • We will verify your residence.
  • We will need five personal references.
  • We will need to check your insurance.
  • We will verify with the DMV.
  • We will need photos of your car and the odometer reading, showing the miles.

Auto Title Loans in Orange County Have Many Benefits

Being financially strapped is a terrible feeling. You need a lender that is quick to assist you and offers options to pay your loan. Car Title Loans California has been providing Orange County with car title loans for over twenty years. We have the experience and knowledge to get you the emergency funding that you are looking for, plus we can also get you the money that very same day. Not all title lenders can get you the money the same day. We are able to fund you because we have many local offices all over the state of California. That isn’t the case for many payday lenders. They advance funds based on your paycheck, but often expect the loan to be repaid by the next pay period, with interest! Auto title loans usually allow borrowers from 12 to 48 months to pay. Some equally useful benefits of an auto title loan include:

  • Anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000 in funding if you qualify.
  • Possible funding within one business day for those who qualify
  • Drive your vehicle while you pay off your loan
  • No pre payment penalties

You can keep driving your vehicle while you make monthly payments on time on your auto title loan. During the length of the auto title loan agreement, the lender will hold your qualifying vehicle’s title as collateral. Once your loan is paid in full, you will be able to collect the title from the lender. Auto title loans in Orange County may be the ideal solution to your financial dilemma. It may not be your long term solution but it is a very fast way to get the cash that you need now. As auto title loans are expensive, it is not the ideal loan to get but it will resolve the emergency need for cash today. You need to have an exit plan on how you are going to pay off your title lender.

Are you struggling with a short-term money crunch? If you are an Orange County resident and you feel trapped by financial troubles, Car Title Loans California could help you obtain auto title loans in Orange County by matching you with one of our lenders. Car Title Loans California has helped people obtain auto title loans since 1994. We invite Orange County residents to apply for auto title loans, which do not rely as heavily on credit scores as do traditional bank loans. For those who have difficulty receiving financing from a bank, an auto title loan may better suit your needs.
Find out how simple it is to apply. You choose one of two ways to apply. There are no initial obligations to you. Auto title loans in Orange County may be a smart option for borrowers.

Title Loans in Orange County

Getting money in Orange County is easy with Car Title Loans California. We can help even if you bad credit! Apply by completing our online form or by calling 1-844-242-7467 for a free quote.

Are you looking for a way to get some extra money to cover expenses? You need to know that the lender you are talking to can deliver the money fast. You need to make sure that you can go and pick up your money today and not have to wait to have someone meet you. Having established our self’s as the best car title lender in Orange County we are confident that we will be able to help you get the Do you own a qualifying car with a free and clear title in your name? If so, Car Title Loans California could provide you with auto title loans in Orange County at highly competitive rates in fact we will beat anyone’s car title loan rate. We will also try and give the max amount on your title.

As the premier title loan lender in California, Car Title Loans California has provided countless customers with title loans in Orange County and surrounding areas. Applying for a title loan in Orange County is absolutely free, and qualified customers typically receive their money in as little as one business day upon approval. Based on qualifying factors that include your car’s equity value and your ability to make regular monthly payments, you could receive a title loan in Orange County for as little as $2,500 to as much as $50,000.

Don’t let money troubles keep you from enjoying life. Apply with Car Title Loans California for a title loan in Orange County!

We know that when an emergency suddenly hits you, you have to react fast. We are here to help you get your emergency loan today. We can even wire the funds directly into your bank account.
Customers Receive Additional Benefits with Title Loans in Orange County A title loan in Orange County could get you the money you need, as well as a number of additional benefits. Remember with us you will get more money, lower interest, lower payments, no pre payment penalties and the best customer service. These benefits include:

  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • If you qualify you could get your funding as fast as the next day
  • Customers receive a customized payment schedule
  • People with all credit types are welcome to apply for an auto title loan.
  • Industry-competitive rates
  • We will get you more money than the other lenders
  • You can re build your credit with us
  • Lower rates

How do Title Loans in Orange County Work?

A title loan in Orange County allows you to use your car’s equity value in exchange for funding. First of all you need to have a car that will qualify so that we can proceed with the application.
You will need to fill out our credit application and then we will do a credit check with Experian. W e do need your written authorization to run your credit. Running your credit lets us see the full picture and it gives us the opportunity to assess how large a loan you can qualify for. Even though we are not a credit based lender, it does allow us to lend to you in a responsible way. We are an asset based lender and by using your cars equity to qualify for the dollar amount that we can lend to you.
Assessing your income so we can get you an approval on the dollar amount is what our experienced approval team does.

When you qualify and agree to the terms of the title loan, you will go to our local Orange County office to get your check. Once at the office, there will be a physical inspection on your car. W e will take photos and verify that there is no damage to the car. They will also double check the odometer. Car Title Loans California becomes a temporary lien holder on your car’s title until you pay off your title loan. You continue to have full use of the car, and can drive it as you normally would while making regular monthly payments. Once your title loan has been repaid in full, your title is returned to you in the mail and the lien is lifted.

And because Car Title Loans California doesn’t penalize customers for making early payments, you are welcome to repay your title loan as quickly as you like. We make getting a title loan easy and we also try to make paying off the title loan just as easy. Contact us today and see why thousands of clients have received their car title loan with us.