Car Title Loans Concord, CA

Are you looking for a way to a hold of some extra money? We can help! We have car title loans available starting at $2,600, but we can lend all the way up to $50,000! Our approval process is designed to work very quickly so that we can get you approved in fifteen minutes and funded by the end of the day you apply. Our online application only takes around a minute or so to be completely filled out. Your vehicle must be worth at least the state minimum. The state of California requires all vehicles used for title loans to be worth at least $4,000 in wholesale value.

Don’t worry if you have been turned away from other lenders because of a low credit score. Approving applicants with bad credit is one of our primary title loan features. Loans are secured by the value of a car, truck or van. Filling out and sending in an application is totally free, so there is nothing to lose by seeing what amount of capital you are eligible for today! It’s really easy to apply. We have three simple methods for you to choose from.

Three Easy Ways to Apply!

Website: Fill out a secure web application.

Live Chat: Communicate with a live agent directly from your computer!

Phone: Speak with an agent on the phone about questions or concerns.

How a Car Title Loan Works

To secure a title loan a lien is placed on the vehicle’s title. The lien means you will be unable to sell the vehicle or give it to someone until the lien is removed. The lien will remain on your title the entire time the loan is paid off. Our loan terms vary between 24 and 36 months. You can always completely pay off your loan at any point during your agreement and without any extra charges. We have NO prepayment penalties whatsoever! Pay off your loan early and save all remaining interest on your loan. Many customers do this very thing and they save money for doing it! Once the loan is fully paid off the lien will be removed immediately.

Keep Your Car and Drive it All the Time!

Getting your car title loan will not affect your driving routine. You’ll have your auto at home and you’ll be able to drive it just as you are used to in your daily life! Tracking devices are not part of the deal either. We NEVER use tracking devices. We feel our customers deserve far more respect when it comes to their private lives!

Car Title Loans in Concord Benefits

  • $2,600 – $50,000 Loans!
  • Quick 15 Minute Approvals!
  • Rapid 1 Hour Funding!
  • Comfortable 24 & 36 Month Loan Repayment Terms
  • Continue Driving Your Vehicle Like Always!
  • ZERO Prepayment Penalties!

Proof of Income

If you don’t have a regular job, we will be more than happy to accept alternative forms of income. Social security, disability, pension, retirement, unemployment benefits are all suitable types of income for car title loan eligibility.

We have multiple title loan offices located throughout the state of California for your convenience, including an office in the Concord area. Call us at 1-888-202-3451 to find the closest office to you.

Have These Documents Ready!

You will need the following documentation to complete the loan process.

  • The Title to Your Automobile
  • State Issued Identification Card
  • Pieces of Mail Proving Your Home Address
  • Full Coverage Car Insurance
  • 6 References – (Including at Least 1 Family Member)

Reliable Car Title Loans

Car Title Loans California has been serving the residents of Concord and beyond with reliable car title loans since 1994. We are fully licensed to lend within the state of California. We are committed to providing the best customer service along with fantastic title loan features!